Friday, May 15, 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I Get Crabby When I Don't Sew

There.  I've said it.  I am not saying it's right or wrong:  it just is.  John's had a complication with his second cataract - we are hoping that tomorrow's procedure will correct the issue.  So, John does everything in the house.  And when he's unable to, I have to do all these things.  And I'm exhausted.  I can sew or I can take care of the food and house.  Clearly I cannot do both.   John really does do it all.  Meanwhile, I sew in little bits and snatches, which just isn't enough.  And do you believe we ran out of the little cloth Mors bags.  So I have found my too ugly to live batik pile and am making several of those.  They are simple - just haven't been able to get to them.  Meanwhile, I dream of the projects that I want to do and projects that I must do.

See?  Too ugly to live
But perfect  to keep in the car or back pocket for those little trips to Walgreen's and Trader Joe's
Shades of Grey for an October Wedding

These Marcia Derse fabrics are out - perhaps for another October wedding present

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

All Together

Not me.  This t-shirt quilt top!  Just delivered it to my favorite long armers Terri and Frank (actually, they are the only long armers I use...).  Now I can go back to my Trapezoid Tote! 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Guess what time it is?

It's Graduation T-Shirt Quilt Time!  These 30 shirts are all 12.5" x 12.5".  Ready to go!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I Must Be Getting Ready for Next Winter

 With the leftover wool batting from the quilt I just basted, I am now ready to baste this panel of Yoshiko Jinzenji fabric that has two strips of appliqued circles a la Carolyn Friedlander's Aerial Grove inserted.  This panel is 44" x 44" and ready for some Sashiko work. 

And my Trapezoid Tote by Indygo Junction is all ready to go together - straps, pockets, lining, outer panels. 
Now, where are those photos I said I was going to edit...

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Two Hockey-esque Finishes

There are two quilts just like this. They are my nod to the Blackhawks and their Chicago origin. Google the Flag of Chicago for an explanation of the Chicago six-pointed stars. There are only four on the Chicago Flag, but there has been talk of a fifth star since 1940. Besides, the math worked out better for five rather than four stars.   These quilts are 60" x 80" and for the fathers of my brother's granddaughters, my great nieces.  Jim is the father of Amelia, Olive, and Elle.  Chad is the father of Isla.  These men are terrific fathers and beautifully parent all four girls.  Jim was interested in having a nod to the Bears on his quilt, and Chad wanted a nod to Notre Dame on his.  Meanwhile, I am still having a hard time believing sports is a still a thing.  But I did what each dad wanted - see pictures below.  Chad's birthday is this week, so I am passing this off as a birthday present.  Jim will be marrying Katie soon, and this quilt will be their wedding present. 
The back of Jim's
The back of Chad's

Meanwhile I keep eying the Trapezoid Tote by Indygo Junction using this feature fabric -an Art Gallery fabric called Hello Bear.  Perhaps this week.  Getting over jet lag and the 17-hour time difference has been difficult.  I am still in my head and ears.  Long walks have helped some.  So did a planned sewing day with a couple of quilty buddies. 
I still need to edit my pictures from New Zealand and do a post.  Now that I have this quilt top basted and ready to sashiko-quilt, perhaps I will settle down a bit...  Perhaps...

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hi Ho Hi Ho...

Displaying image.jpeg It's off to New Zealand we go where apparently the lambs are the real thing and not made from pound cake batter. This year was 9 lambs, 8 of them with both ears, and 2 more to make when we get home. I'll study the real thing the next few weeks and see exactly how many jelly beans the New Zealand lambs wear. This is Henry, an honorary grandson!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Tweaking What's On the Wall

It's so hard to be random.  The 120 blocks have been sewed into pairs, so I still have the ability to tweak and move around a bit.  I have taken various bits of advice and have left both the light light blocks and the dark dark blocks in.  And I have tried to scatter them both about.  My goal is to get this together and off the wall before I leave.  Neighbor/artist/friend/quilting protege Cristina will be using the studio and the design wall while I'm out of town.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Studying the Design Wall

Gotta decide whether to get rid of the light blocks and some of the dark dark one.  Or whether I like the combination of the lights and darks with this fabulous feature fabric.  This picture will help.  A lot.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Burning a Hole in My Pocket

You know how money burns a hole in pockets?  So does fabric.  Sarah S gave me this piece from the Chicopee collection - the only fabric from the whole collection that I liked.  (When we were cutting the fabric for Holly's quilt, I had to have Eileen come over and deal with all the color.)  I have some new invisible magnets that I wanted to work into a new Cute Bag by Wonder Woman, and there was just a bit of a Yoshiko Jenzenji fabric sitting right next to that fabulous red.  My machines already had grey thread in them.  So seriously, what was I to do?  And this is all in the name of  trial and error.  My first Cute Bag did not have magnets on the side curved pockets.  I have used this bag all winter, and it has been just fine.  Now, I get to see whether these side pockets truly do need magnets.  Of course it needs the one at the top of the bag.  I'd show it to you, but it is invisible.  Since this bag pretty much matches what I finished last Sunday, it too will be going to New Zealand.   

I love this bag, mostly because it's so easy to put keys and phone in it.  

My shelf of Marcia Derse fabrics have been making some noise.  So yesterday I touched them.  And looked at some of the designs I am thinking about doing.  But a UFO  bag of blocks leapt into my hands and suddenly it was on the design wall. Here it is when I originally had it on the wall.  After looking at my inspiration photo, I have removed some of the darker blocks and am trying to lighten this up.  Each block is a 6.5" square.  I'd like to make this 60" x 72" and think it will be my next hand project.  I just ordered some Art Gallery fabrics for the back of this quilt.  This kind of project will be perfect for working in little segments of time.  After all, it is time to make the lamb cakes!