Monday, December 3, 2007

Perfecting the Pillsbury Dough Boy Look

I have always known how to make clothes, but that has held no interest for me - probably because of my not-so-great body shape. Quilting has been so perfect because there's no need to fit flat fabric to curves and bumps. Still, I cannot resist doing what so many other quilters have done: making quilted clothing.

Neighbor Susan and I took a class two years ago and made fabulous jackets. While she has worn hers alot, I have just recently started wearing mine (thanks to the latest 10-pound drop at WW). Still, I always feel like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Picture Ralphie's little brother from "The Christmas Story" when he has on his snow suit, falls, and really can't get up.

Despite this feeling, I have forged ahead and made another quilted jacket, pictured here. I think the colors and pattern are so striking. It was foundation-pieced onto a cut-apart sweatshirt. My dream is to have a wardrobe of black slacks and black t-shirts and a variety of fabulous jackets to wear over them.

The image here is the sheet of fabric I made from various fabric strips.

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Rose Marie said...

Wow .... great jackets! What batting do you use? I make jackets too and so far have just used a low loft poly.