Friday, April 17, 2009

Smiling While I Quilt

I've been smiling a lot this week. Baby quilts are always special. But this baby quilt may be the most special one of all. Little Michelle Cylkowski Mushel is having her first baby!

I've known Michelle since she was a 3rd grader. Her parents, Dale and Linda, and her little brother Jeff were our neighbors on Elm in Brookfield in the early 80's. For a while Michelle took piano lessons from me, practicing on my piano. In exchange Linda did my laundry. These days were peaceful and happy, but they came to a very sad end when Linda, a Type 1 diabetic, died. This happened during November of Michelle's eighth grade year.

Michelle was adopted by Dale and Linda from a Korean orphanage when she was 4 and has never known the story of her birth mother. She then lost her adoptive mother. And her stepmother Debbie, Dale's second wife, also died. All three of Michelle's mothers are surely smiling and watching over Michelle at this point in her life, thrilled for her journey into motherhood. Michelle is now a remarkable woman with a terrific attitude. And she has married Ryan, a great young man. Elm Street Aunties Dorothy and I are taking as much joy in this new baby as her father and Ryan's parents are!

This baby quilt will be in the home to welcome their little girl in late June (early July?). There are many memories stitched into this quilt of Michelle in all stages of her life. What a great new stage she is enterting into. 42" x 49"

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