Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby Steps

 This may not look like much, but this picture is actually quite significant. Today I began work again in the Studio. I'm making simple Mors bags for the nursing staff I came in contact with at LaGrange. So there is fabric selection, ironing, measuring/cutting, and making the handles before the bags can be assembled. And that is what I did today, including sewing the handles. None of this was pain-free and took 3 sessions to the studio to accomplish. But that's okay - it's a start. Tomorrow I can put these two together and think about the next pair I want to make. I'm thrilled to see the return to a normal schedule. In some ways the break from sewing/quilting has been nice, but now I'm ready to get back to work!
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Janet Sylkatis said...

"Baby Steps" what a wonderful way to begin. Thomas Keaton, on the practice of meditation said, and I paraphrase, if during a 30 minute meditation your mind wanders into 300 thoughts yet you are able to reconnect with stillness, Oh Yeah! you are in the practice of meditating. Congratulations....Baby Steps...perfect!