Monday, May 31, 2010

Farewell to May 2010

The past six months have been a blur - travel, knee replacements, physical therapy, and very little quilting studio adventures. Except for the month we were in Asia, I have spent a lot of time in my bedroom - sleeping, physical therapy, icing with my recirculator. It's a room I love, and of course I have quilts for all seasons.

My oldest and favorite is a Blues Trip Around The World that I tied. It's our lightest quilt, so we use it in the summer. Then there my Log Cabin in Blues, which I made in 1992 during a couple of snow days. I still remember the joy of being in my old studio, snowed in and sewing to my heart's content. The third quilt is my Myrtle Beach Quilt made from shirting cottons that I bought in Beijing. It's huge and light and beachy and airy. Mani, my college roommate's daughter, has its twin, made in celebration of her mother's life. My bedroom is full of blues, white furniture, and a beadboard ceiling. It's what I imagine a summer porch of a beach house to be like, and this quilt suits the coziness of this room. The newest and heaviest quilt is the one we use in the winter - it's the twin of the quilt on the home page of this blog, Jinny Beyer's Around the World quilt in dark, rich colors.

I'm at peace in this bedroom. But now that I'm 6 weeks out of the second knee and healing nicely, the bedroom will again be used for its original purpose and no daytime lolligagging. The past 6 months have gone by quickly enough, and June 1 will mark a new page in rehab and sewing and getting back to normal.

Here's to more Quilting Studio Adventures!

Note about artwork: The Four Seasons lithograph is a piece I bought 35 years ago and still love. The Charcoal Three Gorges piece is something we bought in Beijing after being in the artist's home.

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Anonymous said...

Donna, what a gorgeous array of design and depth of color in your bluesy quilts. The room does look like a place of healing! I'm particularly partial to log cabin quilts--there's nothing more homey--and I love your four-season tree. So much to ponder there, and to ponder peacefully. Thank you for sharing a glimpse.