Sunday, June 13, 2010

Crafts for the Crafter

Over the weekend I saw 4 of my 6 White cousins - my parents and I drove to North Judson, Indiana where Kathy White Mattraw hosted a graduation party for her son LJ. My Aunt Betty looked great, and I loved seeing cousins Bill, Larry, and Jerry.

Jerry drove in from Kansas City. He's a mechanical engineer and enjoys woodworking, as did his father and as does his brother John in Atlanta. These spoons and boxes are lovely, and I'm pleased to have them. Click on the picture to see these pieces better. In exchange I'd like to do a house quilt for Jerry and his wife Connie. They have 3 children - one teaches in Virginia, one just started med school, and their youngest just graduated from high school.

Not with us physically but certainly in spirit were my Uncle Leonard (my dad's brother) and my cousin Jim. Both of them are still missed greatly. My visit with Jerry was a highlight of the day - he's become the wise tribal elder of the family. What a rock solid man he is - and a heck of a woodworker! A note about the wood used: the darkest box is from sassafras wood that Bill gave him. A note about the quilted background - it's my table runner made from purple and red scraps.

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Josie Ray said...

"The warmth of the hand in things gives something to the heart and helps chase away the chill that so much of modern life instills with its machinelike effiency, sharp corners, and smooth surfaces."

--Thomas Moore, The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life (in discussing woodworking, and handmade things in general)

What treasures. And beautifully photographed.