Friday, November 26, 2010

Starry Starry Night

Have you ever met someone whom you've immediately liked and admired?  That happened to me last month when I crossed paths with Angie McMahon through the Rally to Restore Sanity, Chicago.  I was so impressed with how she saw a void, stepped into it and organized this Chicago event, which raised over $7,000 for the Chicago Public Schools. Angie and other Rally members affirmed my belief that  many people are civic-minded and want the best for our society. 
Angie worked hard to pull the above off and did this all during the 6th month of her pregnancy.  So here's a baby quilt for her new little one although I think Angie's six-year old needs to break this quilt in for her new sibling.

This quilt has been an UFO that I started 2 years when I was teaching a class in Reversible Quilting.  My best teaching method is modeling, and this quilt was my model.  All the fabrics on both the front and the back have stars.  And almost all of these fabrics were scraps from various other projects. I've been waiting for a good reason to finish this quilt and am glad to have finally found it.

My quilt buddy Wayne talks about 2 kinds of quilts - hangers and draggers.  This quilt?  Definitely a dragger.  It needs to be used and washed and then used some more and washed some more.  48" x 60"

A final note: I love working on quilts that celebrate a life no longer with us, like the quilts for Christopher's brother Bradley. But these "life celebration" quilts take their emotional toll. The solution? Baby quilts, like this one.

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Anonymous said...

A striking quilt. Crisp, with excellent contrast. (Don't I sound like I'm judging a wine? :-)

Seriously, using all stars was a neat idea for sweet dreams, and stepping right from your darkest shade back to your lightest, instead of fading through the colors, really made the front POP!