Friday, September 2, 2011

That very clever Annie Unrein

That Annie Unrein is a very clever woman - she's the brains behind  Earlier this week I finished making her Serentiy purse.  The kit was amazingly perfect and generous with the fabrics.  So generous that I've been able to make a second product from the leftovers.  This is byannie's MiPad case.  I did have some extra Texture Magic, so the front of this case has a lovely inset panel.  The back uses the same fabric but without the Texture Magic. 

This pattern was a challenge, which is one of the reasons I wanted to do it.  There's a zipper at the top of the bag, and there is also an adjustable strap, two techniques I've been wanting to learn.

What made this iPad carrier project possible for me to do is the series of YouTube tutorials found on Annie's website.  Each step of the way was so nicely demonstrated.  It was almost better than taking a class!  And whatever Annie says?  Do it - she's right.  I used one of the heav-duty purse zippers for the side pocket and didn't have another one in that color.  So I used a regular zipper for the top of the bag.  It works - it is just not nearly as nice.

Having enough fabric leftover from Serenity was a bonus.  I love this carrier, and it's incredibly sturdy - absolutely perfect for travel.  Can't wait to try this out!


Annie Unrein said...

Donna: Beautimous! Love the MiPad Case made with the Serenity fabric. The texture looks great down the front. Won't your iPad be happy living in that lovely home?

Keep up the good play!


Zanymouse said...

Terrific! Both bags look great, and I love the adjustable strap on your MiPad case. That's something I definitely need to learn how to make.