Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Flush with Success

 My sewing guru and good buddy Marge H came back so that we could work on our vests. We both had to do a dart/tuck thing with the armholes (yes, these were in the directions). I had to do mine after I had bound the armholes, but I figured out how to do it. And my good friend Mr. Steam Iron, a close relative of Mr. Seam Ripper, added the finishing touches. Then - and this is big news - I did the collar all by myself. And more importantly, I finally understand the process.
So flush with the success of this vest, I am going to try this pattern again using these terrific fabrics.  I love textured look of the top  and the color gradation of the bottom fabrics.
I'm quilting the feature fabric and using Texture Magic on it. 

Because I'm all about the process, there will be several more pictures to come. I'll just leave the piles of Mors bags on the studio floor and continue to walk over/around/on them.

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Carol G said...

The vest looks great. Glad you got the directions worked out.