Saturday, July 20, 2013

Aeroplane Bags - Completion!

These two Aeroplane Bags (pattern from SewSweetness) are complete.  The pattern directions are good ones and easy to follow.  With the exception of the zipper.  Here's a little modification I had to make to hide a kershimmeled part:
 Some buddies were over for a sewing day, and I think Jen got the zipper right.  But it was too late for me and either one of my bags.  Both of my bags are absolutely functional, and truthfully - I have always had a bit of difficulty with zippers.

I made both sizes included with the pattern, and obviously I used the same fabric for both.  Whether to use the fabric vertically or horizontally was a issue.  How much fun to do both bags and decide which I prefer.  I do like the smaller of these two bags and will send the larger one to my sister.

See the little zipper pull?  That clever Eileen bought some for all of us on our little Aeroplane Bag day.  I love how it functions.  This pattern is one I will make again.  Meanwhile, I gotta get some aeroplane tickets!

Aeroplane Bag - Large

Aeroplane Bag - Regular

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Jennifer Lowe said...

I love that you changed the direction of the fabric! That is very clever and not something I would have come up with!