Sunday, January 12, 2014

All Kitted and Ready to Sew

In an attempt to quell my frenetic state at this time of year (2014 is new, whole year ahead of us, goals, yadda yadda), I am creating inner peace by getting these projects down on paper.  So to speak.  The first three I am eager to do.  But the last three have immediate deadlines.  This Spectrum kit by Jinny Beyer is calling to me.  It includes 150 6" squares of fabrics prearranged (no, I did not pay full price - just the charm pack was on sale). 

                                                   These Marcia Derse fabrics are wonderful. The design is a pattern from Blue Underground Studios, ECHO.  See below for annotation.

This bundle of Pepper Cory Shot Cottons are ones I bought at Material Girl in Crystal Lake.  I need more of the Oyster, the lightest color, to make this quilt FAST LANE.   This too is a pattern from Blue Underground Studio's book In Love with Squares and RectanglesThe background will be the Oyster, and the dotted white lines will be the fabulous colors of these cottons. 

Bev, my dental hygienist, had two big things happen with two months.  Her daughter married, and her mother died.  At Bev's daughter's request, we are making a bed throw of the wedding dress and the clothes worn by Bev's parents at a wedding ceremony held in Florida, especially so that Bev's parents could be there. The wedding accent color was black, and we are incorporating a lot of greys and the wedding dress into this Winning Hand design.  I don't know how this is going to turn out, but I know it will be beautiful. 

 Good friend Cecilia saw this basket I when I was testing friend Ebony Love's pattern for her book Cut It, Sew It, Stow It.  Cecilia needs a crochet basket, so I will make this 6 inches taller and think it will be what she will be able to use.  It's a very clever pattern designed by a very clever woman

But the last shall be first.  Grandson Ben is getting his first quilt from me.  I don't think I made him a baby quilt.  Is that possible?  Ben is a smart and talented kid with the best disposition and attitude ever.  He's the one we wrapped a present for in a box of Cheetos.  He tore off the paper, saw the Cheetos box, and yelled, "This is great!  I love Cheetos!"  I'm getting busy on this today with the intent of getting it to my fabulous long armers Terri and Frank by next Sunday.  Then Cecilia's crochet basket.  And then the Wedding Grandparent quilt.  And I will save for another post all the UFO's and other projects I want to do in 2014!

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Anonymous said...

I so love reading your blog. It is almost like we are sitting and chatting about fabric and quilts.
Mary C