Thursday, March 20, 2014


City Spokes
Amazing how deadlines creep up, like this "Modern in the City" challenge by the Naperville and Chicago Modern Quilt Guilds for the International Quilt Festival this June.  The weekend retreat in Racine brought home the urgency as I noticed several guild members working on their fabulous challenges.  After a quick trip to return Grandson #1 to Ball State and a visit with my aunt in Muncie, I continued work on this challenge.  Facebook friend Brian Jones from Indiana provided me with the inspiration photo.  Deadline is today, and this quilt is submitted - with hope of acceptance. 
"Sew Together Bag" by Sew Demented         

The weekend retreat in Racine was, as usual, delightful.  The highlight was this bag above.  Current vice-president/soon-to-be-president Sarah S did one of these, too.  The mutual handholding was instrumental in making this great little quilting tools carry-all.  There are three zippered compartments as well as four deep pockets for scissors, rotary cutters, etc. 
"Sew Together" - open view

There were two other projects that are almost finished that seemed to enjoy the car ride to and from Racine - a little ditty bag and a Wow bag.   Both are almost done.  But the big order of business is restoring order to the studio! 


Sally said...

Is the Wow bag the same pattern that you made the bag for Sarah E? I think we talked about this pattern. Could you give me the name of the pattern writer, again? I really want to track the pattern down.

Mary Colter said...

Terrific challenge quilt! Wow!