Monday, April 21, 2014

For this week...

Now that the madness of Easter baking and entertaining is over, it's time for some studio focus.  This sports jersey quilt, the second one I've done for mom Shari is almost together.  It needs the top row, which unfortunately is a different size from the other rows, so it needs a bit of finessing.  And then the grey and black borders - the school colors of Grand Valley State University in Michigan.  The deadline is June, but I'm seeing my long armers Terri and Frank Karls Sunday, and this project can get a free ride to their studio! 

I'm eager to get started on a wedding quilt.  The color request is for whites, blush, and tan.  Here's a tentative palette, and I'm undecided about including some of the darker and brighter fabrics.  So I will study and ponder a bit more before starting to piece.  I've been wanting to work on a low-volume quilt, and I think this is my opportunity. Meanwhile, this Aeroplane Bag is so close to being complete.

This is the bag based around this lovely zipper.   It needs to have its feet attached, the bottom reinforced, and the lining at the bottom sewn together.  The opening is generous, and so are the two pockets - check them out below! 

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Debbie said...

Donna, I love the bag. I really need to get my act in gear and make a few. As for the Tshirt quilt, I had to stop for a second a reread the post... I grew up in Westchester, and knew someone with the last name of Bongiorno. I'm sure not the same but I had a momentary flashback.