Monday, August 4, 2014

We Can Eat Dinner Again!

We have a small house which has one table at which to eat - the dining room table. That table becomes the office table and the laundry table as well as the dining room table. Daily we use placemats. After announcing to John that I would make new placemats because we couldn't find anything we wanted in the stores and throwing away the old placemats, I began this 16-placemat project. I did four of them two months ago. And now four more are complete. That dinner party for 16 will just have to wait a few more weeks. This particular set of four are my Debbie Bookman Memorial Placemats - she was the one to turn me on to the fabric in the center of these mats and may have even given me this fabric. Deb is moving to Florida where she will be a part of their Modern Quilt scene! And speaking of guildsters current CMQG president Sarah S has been particularly tender with me in the past few weeks. She gave me a new bag pattern - "A Cute Bag" by Wonder Woman Quilts. And I cannot wait to start this bag. However, I do have projects with a deadline. I have been critical of bloggers who say they can't post what they are working on. And here I go: I can't post what I am working on for a few more months. But work is going on.


Debbie B said...

Love it! Not sure about the memorial placemat. I may be moving but not gone forever. LOL. How about friendship placemat

Jennifer Lowe said...

Do you actually find yourself in situations where 16 people are eating dinner at your house?! A few years ago, John and I decided we should get our shit together and own more than 4 plates, in case we wanted to have more than 2 people over. We still don't have people over but it's nice not to have to do the dishes so often. (PS Are we allowed to swear on your blog?)

Donna said...

JLowe, of course you may swear on my blog. We have had 16 around the table (we add one of the studio tables), but it doesn't happen often. Think slob. John and I both use placemats, and neither one of us is very neat. So placemats are always in the laundry. Tomorrow we are having six for dinner. No worries - I have eight placemats.