Monday, October 13, 2014

Fun - and progress! - at the Retreat

To be in a lovely space in Racine, so close to Lake Michigan, with amazing women is one of the sweet spots in life. These quilting retreats are so wonderful. I love seeing what others work on and how they work. I love seeing how each of us has a different rhythm, and I love the joys and sorrows that each of us bring to these retreats. And I love the luxury of being able to focus on projects. I began by working on these elliptical drunkard's paths.

But then I switched over to a couple of Cute Bags by Wonder Woman (seriously, that's the name of the pattern). The straps for both bags are made, but I need to finish them on a mechanical machine here in the studio. There are a lot of layers in this bag, and my computerized machine, as fabulous as it is, just doesn't have to power to go through all of them.

The last project I worked on was from leftover bits - 2" x 22" - of the wonderful set of Pepper Cory shot cottons. After making strip sets and taping them to the wall, by Sunday night they were all sewn together. Now I need to press and quilt. ( I think this might be a baby quilt for a new great niece - to be determined by whether my niece actually likes this.)  I'm so thankful for my quilt besties - what a remarkable group of women...what a remarkable weekend.   The nuns at the Siena Center love us and nurture us - that alone is special.

Using the wall at the Siena Center

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Jennifer Lowe said...

My first thought when I saw the quilt made from the leftover shot cottons was "jazz piano". I don't know why, but that is what it said to me.