Thursday, November 20, 2014

Things with Straps

This A Cute Bag is for my daughter-in-law Jeannine. She picked the fabrics, and this is perfect for her. I worked on it yesterday, thinking I was getting a head start on the holidays since I have all next week to sew.  John just informed me Thanksgiving is next week.  Who moved up the calendar?

For comparison purposes, here is The Cute Bag next to the TwoZip Hipster. Both have adjustable straps, and both are about 9" x 11". One has a zippered top; the other has a fabulous magnet. Both have nice pocket options. And both patterns are the same in degree of difficulty. It will be hard to choose which one of these to do again.

 At Camp Stitchalot Carolyn Friedlander gave us little charm packs of her new fabric line Doe.  By little I mean 2.5" squares.  One of my guildsters has been waiting for this line to come out and I knew she would want this packet.  But I wanted this packet, too.  So I resorted to some teacher bribery.  I used my packet to make a RunAround Bag for Carolyn.  I had zippers with me and some solids fabrics and let her choose her accent color for her bag.  By Sunday morning I had two sets of these little charm packs.  Holly's is going in the mail today.  And Carolyn was pleased with her RunAround.  Things with straps - so satisfying.

Bonus picture - here's the back of my TwoZip Hipster - just had a throw on an extra pocket in red.  The back of The Cute Bag is exactly the same as the front.  Ever so handy for taking pictures!

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Jennifer Lowe said...

Once we get all settled in here at the new apartment, I want to get back to the bag I started during our playdate back in September. I gathered all of my bag patterns together at that time, in preparation of a bag sewing bonanza, inspired by YOU, and haven't sewn much since. :P