Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"But but but but but but but..."

"But what if I love this quilt and don't want to give it away?"  And that's when they whipped out this second quilt made for me to keep.  I was stunned - in the best possible way.  This quit - it is possible that it is prettier than the first one?  I see so many favorite fabrics.  Each block is beautiful.  Together they create a quilt that so appeals to my color and design anesthetic.  Melissa Bogusch, Debbie Bookman, Emily Bruzzini, Jennifer Benoit-Bryan, Mimi Djenno, Sarah Evans, Holly Harper, Beth Kovacic, Jennifer Lowe, Eileen O'Regan, Debbie Pine, Rachel Rivera, Tricia Royal, Wayne Rhodes, and Sarah Shulman are the makers of both of these quilts.  Frank Karls of T and F Studios did the quilting on both, and his quilting is flawless.

 My quilt has 12 blocks on the front and 3 blocks on the back.  And like with my mom's quilt, I am determined to figure out who did which ones.  Some I know because they are signed.  And some I know because of fabrics.  Emily B gave me some of the wonderful black-white leafish fabric to the left.  I know that is her block.  The coolest moment was receiving this second quilt - I didn't ugly cry but I was teary and stunned.  But the second best moment?  Looking around and seeing the grinning, delighted faces of those makers who were present that night.  The looks on their faces of love and pride and obviously happiness at pulling off this surprise (although I am pretty oblivious and they really can't take too much credit for that) is a tableau that will stay in my heart forever.

Each maker deserves a paragraph on their importance in my life.  I have sewn, retreated, travelled, and shared special meals with them.  Our discussions range from the cosmic with life and death issues to the mundane of purse strap lengths and the use of invisible magnets and various interfacings and battings.   They are a community of great importance, and their spirit of generosity is enormous.
 Most special is my friend Wayne's participation in these - we have been QuiltFriendsForever ever since we picked each other up at a Fiber Arts Show at the Botannical Gardens in November 2007.

I love these quilts.  I love those who participated in them.  And I am so lucky and blessed to be a part of this community.  Appreciative?  Thankful?  Both don't seem strong enough.  Thrilled, pleased beyond pleased.  These quilts are indeed the most generous, nicest, and most beautiful gifts I have received.  Ever.

I wish it were cold so I could use mine.  Now.


Z Any Mouse said...

What a lovely surprise! Both quilts are beautiful, and now you can give the one away without too much regret. I just recently finished reading "Still Alice", per your suggestion. Thank you for recommending this book to me. With my own mother becoming ill this past year, it has helped me understand her better, and also given me clues on what to look for in the future. I need to give it some time to settle, and then I will watch the movie. In the meantime, quilt on!

cauchy09 said...

You have such awesome friends, which is of course a reflection of your own boundless amazingness. xoxo

Mary said...

This is such a touching gesture. I'm glad they did this for you. You are wonderful!