Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Basting, Sleeving, and Gifting

 Steps for basting my scrappy log cabin:

1.  Prepare backing from various leftover fabrics
2. Spread on the studio floor
3.  Call John to help arrange the batting and top
4.  Put the studio tables together lengthwise (love those locking casters)
5.  Gently fold the whole shebang together, transfer it to the tables,  and begin the pinning process

Once this quilt is basted, I need to put it aside and return to my knit project and put two sleeves on quilts that will be displayed at the International Quilt Festival in Rosemont in April.  My Elliptical Drunkard's Path and My Answer is Yes were both accepted - I'm pretty happy about this!  Since sleeving involves hand sewing, I think that's what I'll do at this Saturday's Chicago Modern Quilt Guild Sew-In in Lockport.
My sister-in-law Kim told me that my great nieces are requesting little purses, and she gave me the dimension and asked for Velcro closures.  But the Velcro was giving me fits - it was just too gummy.  So I went the magnetic snap route.  And kind of like with snaps, there's a bit of dyslexia that happens.  But, the three are done.  I hope the girls gives the ickiest one to Isla - she's only 4 and won't notice it's poorly made! 

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