Wednesday, February 1, 2017


 Eighteen years ago my high school hired a new principal, and we locked horns almost immediately.  I remember coming home from school angry - steam-coming-out-of-my-ears angry.  During this time of anger, my cousin Jim died tragically in a house fall when his three children were very young.   All the anger I had was redirected into grief.  And this grief became a quilt.  I gave this quilt to my Aunt Betty and Uncle Leonard to give to Jim's widow Lorna when she was ready.  (Lorna just recently and happily remarried - I don't know where the quilt is.)

So today is February 1.  I have had over two months to get used to the idea of minority-elect President Trump.  Every political announcement churns my stomach.  And this is not a way to live for the next two years.  I am redirecting my disgust and abhorrence into action  - I will work through media, financial donations, and quilty comfort.  I am doing what I can where I can.  Kind of like cleaning a closet or writing a paper or making a quilt:  small daily steps.  And these steps add up, especially when combined with the daily steps of others. 

Eric Zorn is one of my favorite Chicago Tribune columnists, and his Perspective article yesterday gave me great comfort. He points out that the many of the marchers from January 21 don't feel directly threatened by Trumpism.  I fall into that category - I'm straight, white, of some means, have excellent health insurance, and "won't be alive along enough to be morally sickened by the poisonous air and water in a deregulated America."  I don't have anything to lose or gain by protesting.  Except self-respect, personal honor,  concern for those who have less, and leaving a better world for future generations.  I like that Zorn thinks we're at the beginning of a Liberal Spring.  I think so, too.

This amaryllis was a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law Chris.  This plant is already 24" tall, and it's just been planted for one month.  It is my symbol for optimist and growth.  I can't wait for the bloom.
The fabrics above are three jelly rolls that whisper to me daily, "It is our turn?"  The top set is Zen Chic's Luster.  The middle set are peppered shot cottons which I know will be part of next winter's hand quilting project.  And the bottom set is "Aubade" by Janet Clare. 


raebethriv said...

I give my mother an Amarylis bulb every year for Christmas. She usually has beautiful blooms for Valentine's Day!❤️

Jennifer Lowe said...

I am lusting after those Luster fabrics! You and your blog are such an inspiration during these difficult times. 💜💜