Thursday, April 13, 2017

Convo between a Quilter (me) and NonQuilter (Carol)

NonQuilter:  Would you be willing to contribute one of your pieces to my yearly Silent Auction for the Morgan Park Youth Ministry?
Quilter:  Sure.  A wall hanging? A tote? A Purse?
NonQuilter:  Could I commission a wall hanging? 
Quilter:  Sure. 
NonQuilter:  I would like something with a house in the middle.
Quilter:  Hmm, three houses with a house in the middle?
NonQuilter:  No, just a house.
Quilter:  What kind of house.
NonQuilter:  You know, a house...
Quilter:  Ranch?  Georgian? Victorian? Bungalow? Queen Anne?  What material - stucco? brick? frame?  What color?  Give me a clue.
NonQuilter:  uh...BLUE ! 
Quilter:  Ok, blue.  Navy? Light? Royal? Marine? Teal? 
NonQuilter:  Wait... ***sends a photo***
Quilter:  Ahhhhh...I get it.  So what size?
NonQuilter:  I don't know.
Quilter:  I live in a world of quarter-inch seams.  Get a ruler and give me a clue. 
NonQuilter:  I don't have a ruler.
Quilter:  What kind of crazy talk is this?
NonQuilter:  Well, I don't.  But the size of the wall hanging you gave me last year would be right.

Luckily, I remembered - vaguely - what I gave Caire last year.  And then more of the story unfolded.  This house is the actual home of the Catholic Youth Ministry of Morgan Park.  There is no link to post, but this group does have a Facebook page!  Happy to contribute to this organization.


Mary said...

I would like to point out that Donna, you are a master quilter and sewer. You are fearless in the work you do with art quilts like this one, traditional and modern quilts, quilts to order, bags of any kind with magnets, rivets, and zippers, not to mention the clothes you make. You are an inspiring artist and sewer Donna! I'm glad I still get to see your work, even from afar! And a big thank you for the community service work you do through your art. Not all of us can contribute like you are able to and this is a great use of your talent and energy.

Mary Colter said...

Great work, Donna!

Jocelyn Thurston said...

I think Mary there has said it all Donna. I love this quilt!