Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Trip of a Lifetime

Three years ago John and I were in China. At the Temple of Heaven in Beijing we met some Korean students and had this picture taken.

We are going on another trip of a lifetime, this time back-to-back cruises through Japan, Russia, Korea, China, Thailand, and Viet Nam. We get on the ship in Tokyo and disembark in Singapore 30 days later.

We're thrilled to be returning to Beijing - this time we will see and experience a different portion of the Great Wall, a part that is south of the city. We're thrilled with everything we'll be doing. We are just thrilled.

Look What I Found!

On President's Day John and I had lunch with daughter Jennifer and granddaughters Nikki and Natalie. Nikki, a 7th grader, is about to start a basic sewing module at school. And I wondered if she has told her teacher that she's a veteran quilter.

But while looking for quilts which Nikki has made, I came across this quilt I made for Natalie in 2005. Natalie is a Y2K baby and a very free spirit. This quilt I think reflects her. Stay tuned for Nikki's quilts!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And Chandra's Elves

Chandra is able to maximize her client time by using physical therapy assistants who do the icing, heating, printing out of exercises, monitoring of equipment, and application of electric stimulation. These bags are for Elizabeth and LaShondra.
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