Friday, April 18, 2008


The three Toma quilts are finished. Look at the April 9 "Plugging Away" entry to see these quilt in process. Recycling t-shirts and sweatshirts is a great idea. But when there's a sentimental attachment to the shirts, it makes each one of these quilts invaluable.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

International Quilt Festival

Neighbor/traveling companion/walking partner/sewing buddy Susan and I went to the Rosemont Convention Center for the International Quilt Festival. It's a cornucopia of vendors and quilts.Quilting certainly is popular, but the demographic isn't an attractive one. We are mostly overweight gray-haired ladies. And I think we tend to be a happy lot. There are certainly some very talented and creative women. That's the direction I hope I'm headed in. Here are some quilts that caught my eye.

Click on this quilted wall hanging to see the detail of "The Indian Women Gathering at the Well." It's brilliant.

Friday, April 11, 2008

My Quilted Jacket in Turkey

John and I were both unprepared for how much we would love Turkey - the land, the food, and especially the people. Ankara, Turkey's capital city, is in the middle of the country's Anatolian Plain. It's a city of 4 million, the second largest after Istanbul. We arrived on a Saturday afternoon and went to the Ataturk Monument and Museum. Just like some of the museums and monuments in DC, this one was crowded with tourists from everywhere. These two young women are university students studying in Ankara and symbolize the open warmth with which we were met. Later that evening a group of us were trying to find a restaurant in downtown Ankara, and a young couple helped us with directions and even accompanied us on our walk. Thanks to Susan for snapping this photo!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Just Plugging Away

Quilt design and the actual quilting are what I find most fun to do. The past 10 days have included neither one of these steps. What I have been working on are three death quilts - er, I mean life celebration quilts. I'm pleased with how these pieces are turning out. In addition to the quilt for her aunt, Bridgett Toma requested a boy quilt and a girl quilt from the leftovers. I'm glad to be a contributor to keeping the memory of Sheila and Bridgett's mother in the present, but it's sad knowing that these little grandkids will not know their maternal grandmother. I want to get these quilts completed so that I can return to the hockey jersey quilt, which truly is a joyous celebration of a young man's life.
What I'm really looking forward to working on is niece Jen Thompson's wedding quilt. She and Tim have chosen colors and a design. I'm beginning to put together Jen's palette. Soon I'll make a little design board to send to Jen to make sure I'm getting her colors right - a necessary part of the process. I'm looking forwared to this happy project!