Monday, November 28, 2011

A Perfect Studio Day

When I started work today, all parts of these Technicolor Dream Totes were ready to assemble. Yesterday I had some trouble with my machine and thread and tension. So today I swapped this older good Husqvarna Sapphire 830 with my sew Husqvarna Sapphire 870, the one I bought on eBay two months ago. My 830 needs new feed dogs and some work on the tension disks. And my Sapphire 870 was perfection to sew with. I sailed through two complete bags and have the bodies of 4 more ready to go. I'm foundation-piecing the bodies of these totes onto to Soft and Stable (, which is why these two bags are standing. I love the body and sturdiness of this purse batting.

It was a luxury to have to whole day to sew. I think I'm going to make this deadline of finishing the totes by next week. Perhaps I can even come up with some additional totes - I've got some fabulous red scraps...

These bags are 15" high.
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

LaSalle Street Church Alternative Christmas Market - December 10

Good neighbor Pam is on the ministry team at the LaSalle Street Church at 1111 N. Wells in Chicago.  This congregation hosts a fair trade market for local craftsmen.  A win-win situation!  Pam suggested I host a table on December 10, and so I am.  Over the next two weeks I'll be adding to my exisiting stock of 20 Mors bags, several envelope purses, some Hobo bags, some one-of-a-kind things (like the MiPad case and the Serenity Purse), and beginning work in earnest on some Amazing Technicolor Dream Totes.  

This is a huge step out of my comfort zone. To have to give thought to pricing and labeling and - HORRORS! - handling money are things I'd rather not do. However, I do have this stock of terrific items that just might appeal to some Christmas shoppers.  And it's only from 10 until 1:30.  Surely I can handle less than 4 hours.  The one thing I was fretting about was a coat tree.  I knew I would need one to hang my purses and bags from.  And guess what John found in the basement.  Who knew?
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Quilt Dreams

I want to work on a quilt that has perspective and depth.

I want to do a landscape quilt of nothing but trees and their changing colors.

I want to do a landscape quilt that combines textures, perspective, and colors. These ruins of the Heidelberg Castle will be good for this.

Or perhaps I'll use this one.  I was at this  ruin in 1973 and am hard-pressed to believe that I actually have to able to return to this very place.

And I can even see which fabric I would use as the water in this picture and what kind of threadplay I could do on it.

Meanwhile, I'll keep these photos in my Dreamin' folder and get back to the tasks of Thanksgiving Week. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Back ... and back to it!

We're back from our Rhine cruise and mostly well. How do I know? I spent the day in the studio. First, I finished a shower present for QFF Wayne - his son is getting married in February. And just in time - the shower's tomorrow!

Now I can think about the Christmas Fair I'm participating in on December 11 - I'll post about this shortly. So I did two more Mors bags and then prepped another four. Bring on the holidays!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A View from My Studio

Tomorrow we leave for Basel, Switzerland. We'll get on a river boat and cruise up the Rhine and Moselle River, ending in Amsterdam. Very exciting! If what we see is a beautiful as what I see from my studio windows, I'll be a very happy quilty traveler!

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