Monday, November 23, 2020

Get Happy! No. 4


What a winning combination of fabrics and pattern!   I made two of these for nieces who both had quarantine babies last spring.  One niece loved hers so much that she commissioned one more for her sister-in-law (all pinks, see previous post) and for her mother-in-law who will have for the first time a baby grandchild living close to her.   

This pattern Get Happy! is available at the Bernina We All Sew website and was created by Laura McDowell Hopper (@lmhquilts, formerly @sonicstitches), a past president of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild.  It was designed to be paper-pieced, but I made templates and pieced all four tops.  

The backing incorporates an exclamation point in fabric featuring cursive writing.  The border is the same cursive fabric but in grey.  Exclamation points are from text fabric.  This quilt? Perfection, IMHO!

Thursday, November 19, 2020

An Odd Sort of Panic and New Mantra

When I was teaching I would leave for school early, like 5:30, and then run up to the third floor of Hyde Park HS chanting, "Papers to grade, Papers to grade, I still have more papers to grade."  Recently I have developed a new chant. "Shot Cottons and Wool, Shot Cottons and Wool, I will only quilt with Shot Cottons and Wool."  Actually, I mean peppered shot cottons.  The other night grandson Brandon admitted that he goes into a slight panic when he gets to the end of a binge watch if he doesn't have another watch lined up.  I get it.  That's exactly how I am with hand quilting.  I've been working on hand-quilt ing this piece for Cristina since the beginning of October.  It takes about two months to work my way through a big quilt.  I'm maybe three weeks from completion and already I'm worrying about what to work on next.  

So I've done something with this pile of peppered shot cottons and this backing.  And a roll of wool batting just arrived.  As soon as Cristina's is complete, I'll pin baste this new creation (forgot to take a pic before folding it up...).  Hello, December and January! 

Sunday, November 15, 2020

From Sad to Happy: Two projects


We know life is about births and deaths.  And we assume a natural order:  people die when they are old. In March an 8-year old died suddenly.
And a family, both immediate and extended grieves.  My friend Cecilia commissioned this quilt for her niece, Maddie's mom.  It is 65" x 75" and made in loving memory.  This pattern is Have a Heart by J. Michelle Watts, available at Etsy.

Because blue hearts are so special to this family and such fabric isn't easy to find., I found a fabric at Spoonflower and had it made.  See the picture below.

There was such an aura of sadness while working on the blue heart.  My niece asked me if I would duplicate the baby quilt I made for my nephew and his wife for her sister-in-law in NYC.  Perfect:  working on a baby quilt and focusing on a new life!  I love this pattern. It's "Get Happy!" by Laura McDowell Hopper, a free pattern at the We All Sew website

Monday, November 2, 2020

All Projects, Great and Small

The beauty of having such a great studio is that I can  work on several things at once - piles of future projects, fabrics I want to do something with, patterns with fabrics already chosen.  And I can put aside these piles to do something quick.  Last week I was dismissed from Physical Therapy after 8 months.  My two main therapists were terrific.  As a thank you, I made them each a Mors bag and put a loaf of pumpkin bread in each.  And my hairdresser Juanita requested two masks - periodic table and chemical elements - for her son who is in med school. Such great fabrics.

The big project for the past week has been this big broken blue heart for a family grieving the loss of their 8-year old.  I will start quilting this today.  It’s created great sadness on the studio accompanied by a deep appreciation for today.  Despite my heart racing over Tuesday’s election.  

Four years ago after the election and Trump victory, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt.  That effort soon ended.  He is a selfish, shallow buffoon. I sure hope this heart isn’t symbolic of the next four years.  While I’m thankful to him for how productive I have been during the past four years, I would love to slow down a bit and take some deep breaths...