Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My turbinates for a quilt, Part II

My sister and her husband are the soul of generosity. Really, look up that word in the dictionary, and there the two of them are. In my previous entry (see May 1, 2007)) I mentioned that Dr. Den did some work in my throat (Pillar implants) and nose (turbinates) to help my snoring issue. They are both nurturers and encouragers of everyone else in their lives - their children, their siblings, their parents, their church, their office staff, their friends. They share their time, talents, and goods freely and willingly. So it's nice to be able to do something for them. This quilt is for their audiologist's office and made from the scraps of the quilt that hangs in the Main Office.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Getting It Right

It's really fascinating to work on a project for someone else. Individual taste varies so much. Good and necessary friend Cecilia is having a quilt made for her bedroom. We have the palette right. But now it's a matter of getting the design, proportions, and distribution of the fabrics right. It's one thing to see products in a store and decide which one you want. It's entirely different when you can design each aspect of something like a quilt.

My design wall (i.e., my floor) has the body of Cecilia's quilt on it. We know the big pieces. And we're now trying to make decisions on some of the details. At this point I need to be quiet because I'm really to move full speed ahead. But I need to wait and let the process take its own time. Also, I realized today that making decisions based on what we see on the design floor is wrong because the quilt needs to be in its permanent home. So I'll get the bigger bits together and then relay everything out on her bed. Then perhaps the decision-making will be a bit easier.

But let me quickly say that this quilt is going to be stunning. It may take until October to get it all right, but it's going to be fabulous.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wall Quilt for the Jim Dandy

Using the iris colors from the master bedroom of the Jim Dandy in Litchfield, South Carolina, this project has started. Here's the palette, but I don't know yet what design to use. I love doing little log cabins (see previous project) and may have to use that pattern again. Fran Dunn, one of home's owners, seemed genuinely pleased with this offer. That she knew Dodie will make this another one of my grief quilts. That's a good thing.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Back to Business

We are home from Myrtle Beach. It was a lovely week with fabulous weather and good company. Of course, that Dodie was not there was at the forefront of everything. But being with her family was important - it is all part of moving the grieving process along.

So now, back to business. Cecilia's quilt is on the table although I am still waiting to hear from the Kings Road fabric manufacturer if he can get me a bolt of the critical greenish black fabric that will generously frame the body of the quilt. I'm doing a twin of the quilt that I made for Mani, Dodie's daughter. The colors are perfect for my bedroom, and this will become our new summer quilt.

The house we had in Myrtle Beach is owned by friends of Mani's. John and I stayed in the master bedroom of the Jim Dandy (people in the low country of South Carolina name their houses). This master bedroom has an iris theme, and there's am empty wall just begging for a wall hanging. Should I just make something and send it or should I actually talk to Fran, the home's owner. Hmmm....

Vacation's over - time to get cracking again!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Decorative Touch

I see Janet Sylkatis (jancmt@aol.com) once every three weeks to work on various body issues. Jan is a massage therapist who specializes in Ortho-bionomy. Several foot and knee surgeries plus a lifetime of inactivity have led me to Janet. By working with her I have developed a fairly normal walking gait and a sense of physical awareness formerly lacking. Some of my issues are occupational ones. Despite paying great attention to the ergonomics of my quilting, spending six to eight hours a day at a sewing machine creates certain issues. And Janet helps me work through each one.

Janet just moved into a new office in Hinsdale. It's quiet and airy and like being in a tree house. I needed to do one more demo piece for my Lawndale Log Cabin workshop and choose this palette of greens and whites with Janet's new office in mind. Shortly before I offered this piece to Janet, friends of hers had told her that all her office needed for completion was a quilted wall hanging. Great minds DO think alike! Click on the quilt to see some of the quilting in gold thread. This wall hanging is my contribution to the sense of peace within the office and within me.