Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bags all ready to pack

Except I'm not going anywhere. And the only connection between these two bags is that they are no longer UFO's. The bag on the left, the Aeroplane Bag, is for John's sister Chris to celebrate her last Christmas as a teacher. The retro bag on the right is from Stitch magazine.

Chris chose her body fabric from my stash, a piece that I'm pretty sure one of my guildsters gave me. We paired it with a brown Kona Espresso for the base, and the Monday Good Quilting Fairy Eileen cut me a piece of her Kona Pomegranate for that wonderful accent.   
We then found the batik lining on my shelves.  Each one of the interior pockets uses a fat quarter, and there were two with women in kimonos.  Perfect for this project!  But then the wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles: I had the right length HOT PINK zipper on hand as well.

I thought I would get to this on one of my sewing retreats, especially since all parts were ready for assembly.   Thanksgiving morning turned out to be the perfect time to finish this.  And Chris was our guest at dinner.  Excellent timing.

 This bag was interesting to work on, mostly because there was an error in the pattern.  This one too I thought I would work on at a sewing weekend, but it became too frustrating.  In my studio I was able to figure out the issue and then make it work.  This bag is handsome, and I'll hang onto this pattern, but I don't think I'll make another one of these.  Just yet.  Now, I just have to plan someplace to go...
No pockets in this lining
Each side has a pocket under the zipper ends

One side has three pockets - the other side has two. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Generous Friends

Downstate Illinois was hit particularly hard by tornadoes two weeks ago, and several small towns were devastated.  The Crystal Lake Modern Quilt Guild has a member who personally knows of families in great need and is soliciting quilts, books, and stuffed animals.  I learned of this effort through their Facebook page and shared the information.  My buddies Midge and Cecilia responded with these gifts.  Saturday I'll be dropping these off at The Material Girl, a fabulous fabric shop in Crystal Lake.  And seriously, I'll have to go in.  And look around a wee bit. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Two Days of Play

One Side...

and the other

This is just 8 inches by 11 inches

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Little Things

The charity quilts from my Chicago Modern Quilt Guild were delivered this morning and most happily received.  While I was honored to be a part of this and have these quilts in my house, I am THRILLED to have empty space and a list with such a huge completed task.  Now I can resume some little things, like this Louis Armstrong Mors bag from a t-shirt - John is doing a presentation at the Brookfield Jazz Society in January on Armstrong, and this is the door prize.   Also, I want to make some little drawstring bags and some more little Runarounds.  The scrap baskets remain out, and I've been lovingly studying what's in them.  There are a couple of small commissions, and I'm saving my Marcia Derse kits for January.  My shelf of blacks, red, and neutrals is calling to me, but I can't quite hear what it's saying.  I'm saying that a couple of maquettes might be in order - maybe then I'll be able to hear better.  All these little things?  They make me happy.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Short Happy Zipper Story

Guildster Eileen bought a ton of zippers and shared them with me.  I bought her a chicken shawarma and baba ganoush.  We are both happy.  The End. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Chicago Modern Quilt Guild Charity Quilts

Here are 23 quilts, all labelled and ready to be delivered to the Teen Living offices in time for holiday distribution.  My Chicago Modern Quilt Guild really rose to this charitable occasion  I'm proud to know such generous quilters!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Whose Clean Studio is This?

Ok, Christmas, bring it on.  I'm ready.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Just one more to go

The last charity quilt for Teen Living is on the basting table.  There's also one that I'm just about finished quilting.  I'm a bit ahead of my self-imposed schedule and feel good about this.  Now I'm heading over the river and through the woods (ok, ok, the Salt Creek isn't exactly a river and the woods are part of the Cook Country Forest Preserves but you get the idea...) to visit my parents and deliver some things that John's been cooking - chili and ham loaf.  Guess who's getting a quilt/project fashion show, whether they want it or not...

Monday, November 4, 2013

No Apologies: I Like To Sew

And that's what I did this weekend. Just sew.  Six Mors bags from my "Too Ugly to Live" batik collection (batiks are sturdy and don't need a lining and are perfect for that Sunday morning walk for the newspaper). Eight RunAround bags, all from various scraps that are too small to be used for other things. And an incomplete Retro Bag, the one from the August issue of Stitch magazine. There's a problem with the pattern (truly, the pattern and not the sewist), and I need to be thoughtful about how to proceed. But now it's back to the Teen Living charity quilts - I have two more to baste and quilt.