Thursday, December 20, 2018

Wrapping Up the Christmas Projects

 Grandson Sam Mo gets a quilt this year.  He's is Marquette MI at Northern Michigan State.  I thought this quilt was finished last January, but then I started to add some hand-quilting to it and couldn't stop.  I love these fabrics and of course this Trip Around the World design.  Sam's dad Mark has a similar quilt.  And you know what?  I'm not finished with these fabrics.  Here's what I have left - and whether I make another trip or do something else, I am eager to finish off this group of fabrics. And keep whatever I make!

This has also been the season of the Hampton Weeked Bag by V and Co. I love its over-the-shoulder or cross-body feature, thanks to the adjustable strap.  I just heard last night from niece Molly about how much she loves her.  And that's how I feel about mine.  The zippered pocket as well as the magnetic closures are great features, too.  I just have two more to complete before Christmas, and they are almost finished. 

My doctor had her first baby almost 8 months ago,and her husband has fallen in love with the baby quilt I made for little Veer.  He asked her to ask me to make a second quilt, a bit bigger in greys, navy, and white (omg, I love this palette so much).  She told him I was sick and probably didn't have time.  But of course this is all part of the surprise as she commissioned this quilt and was delighted that I got it to her before the holidays. 

  What I have made the most of this year has been microwave cozies.  I made some at the Fall Retreat in Racine.  When I actually began to use the ones I made, I realized how very useful they are.  When I finally washed the ones I made, I realized they needed more quilting than I was doing.  So I have modified this pattern to suit my way of sewing and my way of using them.  Currently I am trying to modify this pattern to use for serving bowls and am also experimenting with using Insul-Brite instead of cotton or wool batting. 

No talk of future sewing plans today.  However, my studio floor is covered with piles of greys in all hues.  With one deep red added.  2018 hasn't been a blogging year, but it's been a sewing year.  I'm eager to lay out the various projects for 2019 and get busy on them.  And my table of  SewPowerful fabrics is begging for some attention.  But now?  It's time to enjoy the beauty of the season. 

Saturday, December 8, 2018

A Surprise and Two Trips Around the World

 What a great feeling to pull off a surprise that delights the recipient.  One of the quilties is turning 40 on the last day of 2018.  To honor her end of her old age of youth and her entry into the youth of old age, we did low-volume stars and snowflakes.  These blocks were pretty enough, but the quilt came to life with Sarah E's impeccable quilting.  This is one of those quilts, like all others, that needs to be touched and stroked.   Jennifer was beyond pleased, in her own quiet understated way.  What a privilege to be a part of this group of women.

My doctor had her first baby 7 months ago, and of course I made her a quilt - here it is. Her husband loves this quilt, has washed it a lot, and has asked her to ask me for a second quilt to keep in rotation, maybe a bit bigger.  While she has told him I'm too busy, she has told me to use navy, greys, and whites.  And I'm happily quilting this one.  I will get this commission to her in plenty of time for the holiday and do a proper picture when it's finished.  Do I need to say how much I love this pattern and these fabrics?

Doing the binding on the surprise quilt took several evenings, and now I'm finishing a Christmas present for grandson Sam. He goes to school at Northern Michigan State in Marquette, Michigan - average snowfall is 300 inches. I thought I was finished with it last February, but I keep adding more stitches. It's a great combination of machine and hand quilting, an effect I really like.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Gift Bags for Quilties

Every holiday my quilty friends do such clever things for one another.  I tell myself that I'm not a fitsy-fartsy sewer - with the exception being the Sew Powerful period purse project I'm so engaged with.  But this summer I came across this Suzy's Sack pattern and bought it.  Armed with my rolls of zipper tape, some small lobster claws, and the perfect fabric that says "cut sew repeat" I made these bags in November.  The two pink ones are for the daughters of Quilty Beth.  One of the girls has worn her bag to dinner already.  Quilty Melissa filled each bag with a small jar of New Mexican honey.  The perfect quilty gift.