Sunday, January 16, 2022

A Third Baby Quilt for a Benton Avenue Connection

I’ve known my friend Cristina for almost 20 years, since she was 12.  And this also means I’ve know her older brother Alejandro for the same amount of time.  When we popped the top of our house, I used the Second floor of their garage as my studio space for almost six months. This space was also Alejandro’s bedroom, but he was away at college.  He was more than a good sport about sharing his space with me.  Fast Forward: Ale is married, a college professor, and will soon have his third child.  Helios has his quilt and Neoma has hers. These quilts are yellow and black and green and oranges.  This quilt for #3 is from the leftovers of the fabrics from the two quilts.

Google herringbone quilts for directions.  Perfect for 2.5” strips! 


Wednesday, January 12, 2022

A Hand-Quilted Trip around the World


This pretty little Trip Around the World (gratitude to Eleanor Burns and her directions for this favorite pattern) was made from fabrics that play together nicely texturally.  I love the jewel tones, too.  I had to make the pattern smaller because I was working with leftovers and fat quarters.  This is 57” x 72” and a great size for napping.  Batted with wool, it was a pretty fast project to needle, about a month.

                          It’s a nice addition to my quilt ladder which doesn’t have much color. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

My Best Christmas Present


Faced with what seems to be a never-ending supply of quilts and even at various attempts to destash, there are always piles of quilts.  In the fall I had the idea of getting a quilt or "blanket ladder."  It was 5 feet tall and 17 inches wide.  Not bad but getting big quilts on it was pretty tricky.  So I asked Santa for a bigger blanket ladder.  Below is Santa,  and his present was was pretty easy to assemble.  (search for blanket ladder at Amazon - all sorts of options come up.) This new ladder is 7 feet tall and 24" wide.  Much better.    The smaller ladder works great for wall hangings and napping quilt.  During this new year's winter interlude (we aren't snowed in - I've just been pretending for a couple of days) I started the quilt at the bottom of this entry.  Today I'm about to sew the vertical rows together.  And then I think I'll pet some fabric and see which ones I want to play with next!

Downstream, pattern by Yvonne Fuchs, available at

Sunday, January 2, 2022

The Calm Start of 2022

Our first holiday in the condo has been wonderful.  Every room has a lovely view.  We had a nice flurry of entertaining, both small and large groups.  One of the benefits of working on a big batch of purses is that I feel I can reward myself with starting a new project, something big.  Downstream by Yvonne Fuchs has been on my radar for over a year, and I'm making the large napping size.  I don't always follow patterns, and it's nice to know exactly what to cut and how much fabric is needed.  Since John is so totally engrossed with all things football and since we are snowed in (not really but it's just nice to of my winter fantasies), my productivity is off the charts!  Working in the studio, alternating listening to books (just finished Lilac Girls, an atypical WWII read, very good) and music - it's my vision of heaven.  Here's to 2022 - its off to a great start!