Monday, September 30, 2013

Little Runarounds

These little RunAround Bags are perfect for - well, running around. They are 7" x 9", sturdy, and a most excellent way to use up scraps. The directions are clear, and the results are fabulous.  Think I'll spend a couple of days and try to reduce the bulk of scraps and zippers! 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dot Dash Dot for Chris

Here's the Dot Dash Dot bag for John's sister Chris. Once she blings her Zippers, I'll do an official post (and once I have access to a computer again...)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Zipper Bling

I spy with my little eye six zipper pulls - grey cylinder handing from the bag's top zipper which you can't see, three pulls on the horizontal zippers, and two on the bottom curved zippers.  Here's the best part:  we didn't have to go to the bead shop.  My clever sister-in-law Chris got out her jewelry making supplies along with some old big clunky necklaces I had gotten rid of through her.  All the zipper pull bits, except the bottom two which are red coral, came from one of my old necklaces.  Thrifty, crafty, artsy - and FABULOUS!

Pre-Zipper Bling Dot Dash Dot Bag

I know what you're thinking.  FIVE ZIPPERS?  No.  Actually there are six, including the one recessed into the top of the bag.  This is my first Dot Dash Dot Bag, pattern from SewSweetness.  I say first because I have to make this bag again.  I love the design possibilities and its practicality.  I'm taking this bag to my sister-in-law Chris's house in Oak Park - she lives not too far from Bead In Hand, a bead shop she's very familiar with.  She's going to help my bling my zippers with the perfect zipper pulls.  In exchange for her expertise with this, she gets the next Dot Dash Dot bag!  I bought these three coordinated Marcia Derse fabrics in Austin at QuiltCon in February.  Since then I have been collecting additional black, white, and red fabrics.  I've got something in mind - just don't know quite what yet...
 All body pieces of this bag are sewn onto pieces of Soft and Stable, the wonderful lightweight foam interfacting by    I love this stuff so much I bought a bolt of it (58' by 15 yards).  It's easy to sew on  and gives bags such fabulous body and shape.

This bag is similar in size to a book bag - it's 13" x 15" x 3". One of the many things I love about Sara Lawson's blog and patterns is that she includes so many pictures of bags her testers have made.  Make sure you check out this one by Maria - it's my favorite (and not just because of her zippers). 

Stay tuned for some zipper bling...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

New Bag Pattern - and some channel quilting

You guessed it:  time for another bag pattern.  Here are all the parts ready to go - back body, front body, side panels, lining, interfacings, zippers, handles.  The pattern is the Dot Dash Dot bag by Sara Lawson.  Sara is a Chicagoan and experiencing some success with her printed patterns and a book she has coming out.    I have used two of her PDF patterns, including the Aeroplane Bag.  Sara's patterns are pretty, well-tested, and include excellent directions.  I can't wait to get started on this one!

This Trip Around the World is one of the charity quilts for my Chicago Modern Quilt Guild's Teen Living outreach.  It was tied at the August meeting, and I just this week channel-quilted the outer three borders using a heavy-weight thread (17wt) on the top, and a thinner thread (50 wt) in the bottom and a lengthened stitch.  The quilting is more noticeable, and I like this effect.  My machine seemed to like this as well.  It is now waiting for binding by Eileen! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Finishes

Michele's quilt made from her daughters' baby and toddler clothes is complete. It's sturdy and big and full of memories.   There are even a couple of sashes included on the front.  Michele is excited about seeing this project that she's had in mind for years finally complete, and I am thrilled to be doing this for my good friend Cathy, the grandmother of these girls.  The backing and binding is a dark purple and perfect for this project. 
The second finish of the day is a quick little quilt restoration of May, a baby quilt that belongs to 5-year-old Natalya. It was seriously in tatters. But it is Talya's special sleep friend (just the pink side, not the patterned side). I planned to keep May a couple of nights but then realized that she would need May back - a thinner and brighter May - sooner rather than later. Grandma Oralee just picked it up. Sweet dreams, little girl!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Mother's Quilt - in process

My oldest friend Cathy (seriously, we were in first grade together) has a daughter Michele who has two daughters Anna and Elizabeth. Anna is now in middle school, and Elizabeth is in third grade. Michele has saved their clothes and given them to me to make a quilt, the kind of quilt Michele can wrap herself up in as she remembers her girls when they were babies and toddlers. All the clothes were cut into 8.5" squares or 4.5" squares. I think this quilt will be about 65" x 85". Michele and I share the same birth date next month, and that's my deadline. This quilt won't win any design awards. But it will sure take first prize in sentiment!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Baby on a Quilt

Acknowledgements: Henry's parents, my niece Jen and her husband Tim, and Jacquie Gering of Tallgrass Prairie Studio for her quilt design and giving me permission to use this design. Again.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Pauline's Aeroplane Bag

Pauline, Wayne's mother-in-law, is taking a trip in October.  She likes these cute little Aeroplane Bags, and really - who can blame her?  Pauline asked for one in Black and White with a Hot Pink lining. Check out the nifty pocket linings.  And the feet?  Feet!  Six of them!  This bag's bottom is from a home dec fabric and sturdier than a quilting cotton.  Pauline will be traveling in style.  Uh oh, hope she's not traveling with her sister Max, who just might be jealous of Pauline's bag. Speaking of which I am going to go pack my Aeroplane Bag - we're driving to Kansas City tomorrow.  Sure hope this bag works in a car.