Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Past Week in Pictures

The bag bug has hit:  a Mors bag  and an Arabesque
Another Mors bag honoring a friend from Jordan
Several piles of Tudor bags in various stages of construction
The quilt I gave my sister - here it is in situ
Quilting a 70" by 70" black and white quilt...

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Natalie's Quilt - Finally...

Natalie, a hs senior, showed me her newly-painted bedroom in July.  She chose two soft shades of grey and purple and gave me permission to do whatever I wanted as long as the new quilt had the texture of her old quilt, which I made for her when she was 5.   She sleeps with it every night.  At that time of my quilting, I was batting everything with Warm And Natural.  So that's what I batted this quilt with. 

I'm not quite sure why I went asymmetrical - there is nothing asymmetrical about Natalie.  She's very smart, very sociable, very very pretty, and very hard working.  It's a joy to create and work on a quilt for someone I love so much.  I do hope she understands that this new quilt, backed in the softest white cotton, will need to be washed at least a dozen times before it even begins to feel like her old quilt.  I have washed this new one once and just love the texture.

The quilting is simple with (mostly) straight lines.  This new quilt is 74" x 90".  The background fabric is Basic Grey by Moda, maps white.  There's a very quiet design that is just perfect for this quilt.  Here's a close-up of it.


Natalie turned 17 on August 8 - I thought maybe this quilt might be a birthday present. Then I thought, "Maybe it can be her back to school quilt!" And obviously that didn't happen. So, Happy September, Natalie! The next quilt in queue is for her big sister Nikki, a junior at IU. Nikki wants a quilt inspired by the NYC skyline. Hmmmm, ok - officially thinking about it!