Thursday, August 28, 2008

Presentation Does Count!

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in creating and making quilts that I don't even think about the presentation of what I've made. Once I did get a lovely basket for a quilt I made for Julie, but usually I ask John to find some acceptable large gift bag, which he does. This wedding quilt for Jen was going to be no different - until my friend Cecilia weighed in on the issue. She argues that presentation is very important and enhances the quilt gift. She was instrumental in this lovely presentation. After folding the quilt accordion-style, she tucked tissue paper into various nooks and crannies. There's just a bit of the quilt peeping out of the right corner. Wouldn't you love to have this gift?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jen and Tim's Wedding Quilt

Jen and Tim's Reversible Wedding Quilt is completed. The photographing is over, and now it's just a matter of figuring out the presentation of the quilt (box vs. basket). I have loved every step of this quilt from when I first asked Jen what she wanted, working with her color and design choices, meeting Tim and seeing who exactly is this Jen-worthy person and reassuring him that I wasn't going to do something girly, and gathering fabrics for both sides of the quilt all the way to the actual quilting and construction.

Some quilting detail is below. The construction of the quilt allowed me to quilt each 8" square individually before the assembly. I also used a feature from my sewing machine that allows me to embroider some words. Unfortunately, where I chose to do this is more readable from the reverse side than from the front. For left handers, reading mirror images isn't a problem. Hope the newlyweds will be able to find their names, the date of the wedding, and my quilt signature! 96" x 112"

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My new Trip Around the World

As I watched Chris H, Cristina, and Catya putting together their palettes for their Trip Around the World quilts, I knew I had to make this pattern with them. Although this pattern is a great one for tying, which is what Chris H and Catya did, I machine quilted mine. Cristina is still in the process of finishing her and is experienced in both techniques, so it will be interesting to see which she chooses to do. Chris H pointed out that with this quilt, my color palette hasn't changed much in the past 20 years. Yep, still into greens and purples. This quilt will remain in the studio.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Catya's Trip Around the World

Let's have a big round of applause for Catya and her first quilt. Her color selection, diligence in sewing, and delight as the project was finished are all laudable. This 72" by 92" tied quilt is sophisticated and still cozy. I enjoyed getting to know Catya, who is about to start her senior year at LTHS, and am glad that my friend Cristina introduced Catya to quilting.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

John's Great-Niece Emma is a Quilter!

John's sister Terry has really been doing some fabulous quilt work. See the July 23, 2007, entry for one of Terry's quilts. Her enthusiasm for quilting is having an effect on all of her family members, especially at this point granddaughter Emma, an 8th grader. Em and her mom chose some fabulous flannel fabrics, Terry chose the pattern, and Emma really took to the rotary cutter and Terry's new Bernina sewing machine. Terry and Emma used my studio to tie the three layers of Emma's quilt. Then they went back to Terry's where Emma machine-quilted the outer border and the binding. The results are spectacular.

One of the joys of quilting is seeing others get hooked. Another of Terry's granddaughters was here with Terry and Emma. Cassidy took lots of pictures of my stash - hope maybe she left here thinking that she wants to try a quilt! (Meanwhile, I'm about to finish the reversible quilt for Jen Thompson!)