Monday, July 16, 2018

Doing the Math

                      There are 4 Sunset purses.  And there are 4 Navy-Yellow Purses.
 The Design Wall now has 24 purses.  7 are from this Winter.  And 17 have been made this month.  I still have 3 more to go, but then the math isn't even so I might as well do 4 more.  Which equals 28!  And then I can mail them to Washington State where they will be shipped to Zambia.

The hardest part is yet to come:  writing a note of encouragement to put into each purse.  The Sew Powerful staff tell us purse-makers that the girls who receive purses love and treasure these notes.  So, 4 more purses to make, 28 cards to write, and $5 per purse to cover the shipping to Zambia. 

I must do some other tasks before finishing these and the cards.  But it's only July 15! 

Monday, July 9, 2018

Sew Powerful

July is my Sew Powerful month.  This purse initiative and the menstrual hygiene education program is just one aspect of Esther's Farm, which also includes Zambian seamstresses, a soap co-op, farming, and spiritual and educational guidance.  This is my 3rd year sewing purses, and it's important to me and the other 2,000 purse-makers from across the world, including Australia and New Zealand.  My goal is to do 20 this month and get them in the mail.
 This particular purse pattern is fiddly, in my opinion, even though I have made over 50 of them.  There are 11 purse pieces, each of which needs to be interfaced.  That's a lot of steam and heat and labor.  But making these purses is addictive.  Instead of saving special fabrics, I am now using more of them to highlight the purse front flap.  A little dynamic fabric goes a long way. I started with 7 and have done 9 more so far.  Look at the changing design wall in the pictures below!