Friday, September 18, 2020

A Completed Quilt


It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to say or write these words.  This bed-size quilt is almost a square and was tailor-made for grandson #4.  His bedroom is often too hot, so this quilt is as lightweight as I could get it.  There’s a blue Art Gallery backing, important because the feel is so smooth.  You can see the quilting is simple.  I tried my hand at outdoor photography - that I was able to throw this quilt around by myself is huge.  

Thanks to Holly, Melissa, and Sarah S for the 10 fat quarters that make up this quilt.  Thanks to non-quilty friend Cecilia who CUT THE FABRIC for the sashing and black shadows - back in the spring I could sew but couldn’t do any cutting or use scissors.  So I do take enormous pleasure is bringing this quilt to completion.  And of course credit to my physical therapists. It’s good and almost easy to work on a project when you are crazy about the recipient!

Saturday, September 12, 2020

19 Years after 9/11

So hard to believe that 9/11 was nineteen years ago.  

I still haven't gotten started on the notecards for each purse, but I do have a plan! 

And I have been working in the studio happily,  Having both hands and arms is huge!  I cleaned up from all the purses and started in on organizing and going through scraps. 

I'm quilting by machine a grandson's quilt, and it feels good to machine quilt.  He wants a light weight quilt.  So, Mountain Mist poly batt and an Art Gallery backing.  I love the texture of this quilt.  
My Chicago MQG is doing a charity quilt for QuiltCon 2021 based on Chicago music.  Below is my block.  Guess whose music I chose?  

Reorganizing and cleaning the studio after the 31 purses was productive.  And to further the carthasis, I started going through all my scraps - ironing, cutting most into 2.5" strips, sorting by color, and making one wacko pile.

 My scraps have scraps.  Some of my scraps are 20 years old.  Some of my scraps I look at and still love and remember exactly what I did with them.  Quilters are like that.  This final picture has things organized on a table, but that's not a great permanent storage place.  I'm doing a workshop in a week about scraps and improv quilting.  I will have a lot to choose from.  

The studio?  A happy and productive place.  And yes, I'm working on those notecards!

Monday, August 31, 2020

Mission Accomplished

      The last purses for this month are finished!  I bought this fabric for a tote that never got made, and it's perfect for these purses. Now? Time to clean the studio and work on some quilts.  But I will leave the design wall the way it is for a few more days.  It's just too thought-provoking to think about some young adolescent girl in Zambia receiving one of the Sew Powerful purses - stocked with panties, reusable pads and soap - and her being uplifted by it all, especially by the encouragement notes we write and put into each purse.  Notes are up next...

Lined up along the bottom of the design wall below are six purses that were packed to go to Austin with me for QuiltCon and the Sew Powerful booth.  But then...the February wrist these six will be a part of the delivery well ahead of Sew Powerful Unboxing Day.

 It's been a good and productive month.   But now onto the notes.  

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Five Purple Sister/Purses

                                             Big graphic prints work well for the flaps of these cross-body bags.  And under each flap there's a surprise fabric,  And in each purse there's a surprise pocket.

The past of this process that slows me down are the notecards that go into each purse.  We purse makers hear that the girls treasure these cards as much as the purses and the contents.  That puts a special pressure on the notecards.

So I am working my way through, thanks to some fellow purse makers in the Sew Powerful Facebook page, creating some meaningful cards.  More on that later...


I included this last picture just to give an idea that these purses don't just spring up.  There are a lot of parts, most of which are interfaced.  These truly are a labor of love, and those who make them know their time is well-spent.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

August 17 and right on my purse target!

 After months of limited sewing, it feels so good to be productive.  July for the past couple of years has been a purse a day.  But this year I needed to wait until August.  So far, so good.  The latest set of five features this whimsical yet motivational fabric “I can and I will.” 

                              And here's m progress so far.  I love my design wall as it fills up.  
                                                    Next up?  Purples and Rainbow colors.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Finding my Purse Mojo


                          Purse Mojo is back.  But Blogger is weird.  hmmmm

Friday, August 7, 2020

August: A Purse a Day

I've finally gotten started with purses for Sew Powerful again. It's been 6 months since I have made any, and it feels good to look outward and get back into the swing of charitable sewing. It's going well except for calling the lovely giraffes on three of these purses. Covid brain? Whatever...

As I sew I think of the young ladies who will choose one of these purses - educated women are the hope of Zambia and Africa.  I also think of those in my life who are facing severe medical hardships.  After six months of focusing on my issues, it's a welcome change to focus on others.

Lots of parts for each purse.  Setting them out help me with the process.

This lovely quit square was meant to be on the outside. 

Here are my elephants - I mean giraffes...

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Changing Gears

 Rehabbing the broken humerus has allowed me to do some sewing and simple cutting.  This is my quarantine/rehab quilt.Lots of greys and low-volume prints from Cotton + Steel.  Each block has a 2.5” center, and each block is 6.5”.So this quilt will be 60” x72 - perfect size for hand quilting. Below is a quilt top from QuiltCon fabrics (Thanks Melissa, Holly, and Sarah.). It’s for grandson Brandon, and I think I will machine quilt this myself.

 My guild started a bee, and I’m having fun playing.  Each month one of us asks the others to make specific blocks.  To the left are blocks for Adamanadia.  ROYGBIV blocks with cool colors on one side and warm in the other.  below is one 12.5” 24.5 block for Debbie”s co,foul improve eith a slash.  For both of these projects I dipped into my beloved pile of shot cottons.  Both of thee were fun, and I’ll be interested in seeing how these blocks go into their quilt. Guildmate Bill is leading this charge - we even have a hashtag #ChiModBee.  My turn is t for a couple of months.  I’m thinking tuning forks.  

All quilts are lit away.  Shot cottons are back on the shelf. It’s time for purses!

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Masks! More Masks!

One thing is clear to me. We are going to be wearing masks for a long time.  As my shattered humerus heals, I’ve discovered I can do minor cutting.  Like for masks.  And I can sew.  Only not in reverse - I don't have the strength yet to press the reverse lever down. I see my bone doctor tomorrow, the same woman who surgically repaired my wrist in February.  At a previous appointment, she was wearing a mask I gave her - nice.  I see her tomorrow morning for X-rays and evaluation, perhaps to start back with OT/PT.  Buddy Cecilia cut long strips so I can continue working on the quilt below.  Slowly, surely, I heal.  And I’m thankful.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Thinking my way through every stitch I sew...

Two weeks after my fall, and I am still so sore and bruised. I’m still taking opioids.  With them my pain is less and I can do the prescribed movements/motions.   But I still have to think my way through every move I make.  With the brokeN wrist, it was a matter of finger dexterity and strength. This time I have the finger and wrist dexterity, but I can’t lift my arm.  Yet.  So I struggle through the day, balancing the drugs with the time of therapy movements.  And to keep sane, I sew.  I must.  The next project up is Brandon’s quilt, made from the set of fat quarters Melissa, Holly, and Sarah bought for me at QuiltCon .  I’m using a shadow box effect on a background that is grey-green-griege.  Cecilia cut fabric for me - for a non quilter she is very good with the rotary cutter, and she seemed to like doing it.  I need 3.5” strips of this griege- lots of them.  I hope she’ll come back.
These leftover strips and bits of peppered shot cottons are going to be a 12.5” by 24.5” block for @artgal53, fellow Chicago Modern Quilt Guildster Debbie.  She and 8 others, including me and spearheaded by @kiltedquilter67, are part of a bee, the #ChiModBee.  Debbie is the first “Queen” of this bee.  Can’t wait to see what comes from my block and the others she’ll receive!  If you look at the hashtag, be gentle - we’re just getting started.

While I can’t cut any significant size of fabric. I can cut small bits.  I had a whole pile of 2.5” squares already cut.  Sticking with greys and lower volume fabrics, I’m making 6.5” blocks.  I can do one at a time and these are perfect just to keep me feeling like I‘m  productive.  Below is an off-set pattern.  Sewing does help to chase the blues away....