Monday, May 16, 2016

Two very smart guild buddies...

 This Medallion Quilt-A-Long #chicagomqgmedallion project is coming along, slowly.  But the last border is borthering me.  Sue R  #fishy_quilt  and Iris J  #rojoquilts made suggestions on Instagram about doing something relating back to the center block, especially in these corners.  I found just enough of the center fabric - almost - and will now think about doing something similar .  So glad they chimed in!  At QuiltCon 2013 Heather Grant gave a wonderful talk about the development of the modern quilting movement.  One bit of technology - the affordable digital camera - has allowed quilters all over the world to connect.  And locally?  I can put a picture up on Instagram and get almost immediate feedback from various sources.  Quite remarkable.  And most useful.  Love that instant gratification!
And while I ponder what I want to do, I will continue to slowly pack, get the studio ready for carpet cleaning,  and get ready to leave tomorrow.  Back on the 28th, our 34th wedding anniversary! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My bags are not packed - I'm not ready to go

But I'm ever so slowly getting there.  This t-shirt quilt due in early June is almost ready to be put together and be delivered to Frank and Terri for long-arming - still waiting for the mom to drop off one more shirt.  Coincidentally, the young lady for whom this quilt is being made requested that Columbia Blue be used as the sashing.  Columbia Blue?  She went to my thread cabinet and found the shade, and I ordered the matching Kona Evening.  But really the color is Painter's Tape Blue.

I'm  bit stuck on my Medallion Quilt-a-Long.  The suggested Raspberry Kiss block wasn't for this quilt.  So I did some wonky crosses, and I'm not sure what I'm not liking - the wonkiness or the alternating color or whether I just need a stronger division between the previous white border and the crosses.  At least this is up on the design wall and out of the way not that the soccer jersey quilt is actually in process.

As soon as we return from our Eastern Danube River cruise, I am heading to Ann Arbor for Stitch Glampalot with five of my Chicago MQG buddies.  We'll be working on individual projects, one which will work best with solids.  I am unsure of what I want to do, so I am just taking all of my Konas and hope that this palette will be the right thing.  It will have to be.  I also have a triangle ruler and a paper-piecing ruler set out.  We will also be making 4" Drunkard's Path blocks - and of course I have templates for 3", 6" and 9".   So it goes...
Part of Glampalot involves an optional zip pouch exchange as an ice breaker.  I received a bit of info about my partner, one of which is that she likes metallics.  Guild buddy Amy posted a tutorial to a curvy zip pouch, and it's a terrific one.  I liked it so much that I had to make another right away.  So this little pouch will go into my Stitch Glampalot suitcase along with the Kona cottons, and I am putting it away until we get home.  The day before we leave I am having the studio carpet cleaned and am very excited about coming back to a pristine studio.  You bet pictures will be coming!

 At the last guild meeting I took the blocks from the Sarah Nishuara workshop home and put them into a quilt.  This top will go back with me to the meeting Sunday, and I am hoping someone will take this quilt to the next stage - it is ideal for a charity quilt.  Working on it was very useful in getting my head out of my self-absorbed ass.  Let's hear it for charity work.  One of the things on my list when we return is to get back to making purses for young women in Zambia.  The Sew Powerful organization is one that is truly making a difference!  

Monday, May 2, 2016

A Wet Blanket

This little baby quilt is 40" x 48" - just big enough for Junior who was born April 1.  Yesterday was his one-month birthday party, and I was invited.  His twin older siblings died the same day my mom died, back in in December 2014.  So Junior's arrival brought great joy!  This little guy has everything he needs - except a floor quilt for him to spit up on and poop on and do anything else he chooses.  I decided to wash this before the party.  And for whatever reason, I couldn't get it dry in time.  So I took this lovely little wet blanket to Junior's party.  As if this is how I give all baby quilts...  Luckily, this family loves me and understood.  Happy One Month Birthday, Junior!