Sunday, July 12, 2020

Masks! More Masks!

One thing is clear to me. We are going to be wearing masks for a long time.  As my shattered humerus heals, I’ve discovered I can do minor cutting.  Like for masks.  And I can sew.  Only not in reverse - I don't have the strength yet to press the reverse lever down. I see my bone doctor tomorrow, the same woman who surgically repaired my wrist in February.  At a previous appointment, she was wearing a mask I gave her - nice.  I see her tomorrow morning for X-rays and evaluation, perhaps to start back with OT/PT.  Buddy Cecilia cut long strips so I can continue working on the quilt below.  Slowly, surely, I heal.  And I’m thankful.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Thinking my way through every stitch I sew...

Two weeks after my fall, and I am still so sore and bruised. I’m still taking opioids.  With them my pain is less and I can do the prescribed movements/motions.   But I still have to think my way through every move I make.  With the brokeN wrist, it was a matter of finger dexterity and strength. This time I have the finger and wrist dexterity, but I can’t lift my arm.  Yet.  So I struggle through the day, balancing the drugs with the time of therapy movements.  And to keep sane, I sew.  I must.  The next project up is Brandon’s quilt, made from the set of fat quarters Melissa, Holly, and Sarah bought for me at QuiltCon .  I’m using a shadow box effect on a background that is grey-green-griege.  Cecilia cut fabric for me - for a non quilter she is very good with the rotary cutter, and she seemed to like doing it.  I need 3.5” strips of this griege- lots of them.  I hope she’ll come back.
These leftover strips and bits of peppered shot cottons are going to be a 12.5” by 24.5” block for @artgal53, fellow Chicago Modern Quilt Guildster Debbie.  She and 8 others, including me and spearheaded by @kiltedquilter67, are part of a bee, the #ChiModBee.  Debbie is the first “Queen” of this bee.  Can’t wait to see what comes from my block and the others she’ll receive!  If you look at the hashtag, be gentle - we’re just getting started.

While I can’t cut any significant size of fabric. I can cut small bits.  I had a whole pile of 2.5” squares already cut.  Sticking with greys and lower volume fabrics, I’m making 6.5” blocks.  I can do one at a time and these are perfect just to keep me feeling like I‘m  productive.  Below is an off-set pattern.  Sewing does help to chase the blues away....