Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Baby Quilts: A Hanger and a Dragger

 I posted this quilt a few weeks ago and have finally finished quilting it.  Parents-to-be Patty and Luis chose and bought this quilt kit, and working on this quilt is my gift to them.  Pat's father and I were transferred from Farragut HS to Englewood HS in 1981 and forged a nice friendship. 

Quilt buddy Wayne does a lot of baby quilts, and he puts them into two categories - hangers and draggers.  This quilt is for sure a hanger - I have even put a hanging sleeve on the back. 

Like most quilt kits, the fabrics enclosed are generous.  So I took the leftovers from this kit and made a dragger.  Something that the baby can spit up on  before eventually dragging it behind him. 
John and I are doing a presidential  tour of the Hoover, Truman, and Eisenhower libraries, something we intended to do last summer when our various illnesses struck.  So I will miss Patricia's baby shower.  But both quilts are rolled and wrapped and at the home of the shower hostess.  I'm excited for Patty's and Luis's foray into parenthood and especially excited for friends Ed and Marge and the joys of grandparenthood awaiting them!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Rivets: Adding to my Bag O'Tricks

Purse straps have always presented a special problem, especially with adjustable straps.  My computerized machine can't handle the bulk of six layers of fabric, along with interfacings.  At this point of the process I will go to my one mechanical machine, say a special prayer, break a needle or two, and ultimately get the strap done.  But I've been eyeing rivets.  And then I read this post about rivets and then ordered rivets, a hole punch, and the rivet setter from Emmaline Bags.  The result?  I love rivets.  I doubt if I'll make another purse or bag without them.  Dani M, our Chicago Modern Quilt Guild leather expert, gave me a couple of tips; and I'm excited to have these tools and tricks in my repertoire!  It's a clean look, isn't it?  Such a minor detail...

Oh, and look what pile of fabrics have caught my attention...

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Upstairs, Downstairs

I have everything I  want upstairs in my studio -  machines, fabrics, cutting tables, supplies, bathroom, lighting, Bose radio, computer, quilting library.  Monday was a long sew day, and guilt buddy JLo and I made Trail Totes, the nifty pattern by Noodlehead.  This link leads to the free pattern download.  My Trail Tote has a bright pink outer zippered pocket and a wonderful turquoise lining.  The inner pocket is the same fabric as the outer fabric.  My phone is on the picture just for scale.  I am waiting for rivets to come and want to use them for the purse strap.  Thank you, guildster Dani M, for this inspiration!  But my studio is missing two key elements:  my husband and the television. 
I love having a hand project going.  The summer my Chicago Modern Quilt Guild hosted a Glam Clam workshop, and I didn't attend.  But since then I have decided this project would be perfect for the downstairs.  So evenings I am handpiecing these 12" clams and will Sashiko-quilt it once the top is complete.  Projected size will be 65"ish by 80"ish.  We'll see.  It's going to be a nice cozy project for fall and winter.