Sunday, April 28, 2019

The Winter of My Content

These two quilts have much in common.  Both are Trips Around the World, both are hand-quilted, and both have the tail ends of favorite fabrics.  The peppered shot cotton one (on top) was my evening companion throughout January and February.  The bottom one was quilted in March and April.  And there was some sad satisfaction as I finished each one.

 These fabrics are from Janet Clare's Wordsmith line, which is no longer in production.  That green-grey-beige color?  It is perhaps my favorite of all and very hard to match.  It's almost the color of my studio walls.  The pattern is a bit difficult to discern since I was using up bits, most evident in the border.  I usually try to make quilts on the larger side, but I simply ran out of fabrics for additional borders.
Front detail

Back detail
Panic set in as I finished up this group of fabrics, so I began to do some Internet searching.  And through ETSY and EBay, I found some more fabrics from this line.  I don't know what I am going to do with them - yet...  But I am thrilled to have found them and am working on other fabrics to combine with them.

I'm totally out of these peppered shot cottons.  And I have loved quilted them - the hand feel and weight is so perfect, especially during the Polar Vortex.  The wool batting is a perfect for these fabrics.   I may have to investigate Cherry Wood fabrics, an almost sueded-cotton, as replacement fabrics....
Front detail

Border detail
 With the warmer weather I have to carefully choose hand-quilting projects.  Here's my current one, just started.  It has a poly batting and is not so heavy - I think I'll be able to finish this one before it gets really hot.

And here's the one I'm saving for those hot months - each block is 27", batted, backed, and marked. When each is quilted, I'll join them all together. When did I become a handquilter? I mark the beginning when my parents were declining. And immediately after my mom's death, as welcome as her death was, quilting was my solace. Now? It's what I have to do.