Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back from Missouri

I never even got my camera out! We had terrific weather - in fact, it was warmer in Lake Osage than I thought it should be. But we were there way too early for any significant color change. There were some lovely individual trees, like this picture from last year's fall Canadian cruise, and some lovely vistas but without color change. The drive to and from with long-time friend Midge Norris Hughes to visit Janet Norris Vanderveld was good. So was the week. It was fun to be an honorary Norris sister. After an October of travelling, I am thrilled to be home and looking forward to getting back into a sewing rhythm. In addition to working on assignments for the Art Quilt class, I just received a packed of T-shirts from Fran Dunn, one of the owners of the Jim Dandy in Litchfield, SC. See the September 16, 2007 entry for full reference.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Nature's Colors

We just returned from Hawaii where we celebrated our 59th and 69th birthdays. It is indeed a beautiful place. I love how nature mixes the brilliance of reds and purples. I also love my husband for agreeing to go ziplining with me.

I'm leaving town again for a drive to the Ozarks. Still gathering data for a fall landscape quilt. I'm also working on a project for an art quilt class that I'm taking at in Willowbrook. It's going to involve concentric circles and have an Asian flavor. I think. What I discovered yesterday is that I need to buy a protractor. I haven't bought or used one of those in 40 years! It's good to work out of one's safe zone...