Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Project Dreams

I’m in the best space - purses are done for the time being, I just made a pile of masks, the studio is clean, I’m finishing a hand project and happy to be starting a new one, and I have several projects I’m excited to start.  

        This pattern caught my eye.  It’s similar to Interwoven, one that I made last year.  This pattern uses 2.5” strips instead of 1.5” strips.  It ought to go together nicely.  Below are the fabrics I want to use

The above jelly rolls are going to be a chevron quilt.  Eileen gave me the idea and shared her Mr. Domestic chevron design.  And then I found the picture here.  This design spreads the chevrons out, and I think that’s what I want.
This backpack design intrigues me.  I don’t need another backpack, but they are great for sewing that demands a lot of concentration, a perfect diversion from the current political scene.  I’m appalled by Trump and his GOP Enablers. See?  time for a back pack.

Last - and this is sad - I have a pattern for a Retreat Bag.  Even though there are no retreats scheduled.  But a girl can dream, right?

As I’ve said before, I have never been personally happier and never more unhappy politically.  These days leading up to the election will be very productive for me. 

Monday, September 28, 2020

Scrap Control

 Ok, ok - this doesn’t look horrible.  However, there’s a big basket of scraps in my bathroom and a huge pile that didn’t even make it into any of these containers.   In preparation for a scrap workshop last week, I started going through scraps, some of which are from the late 80’s.  I ironed them,  cut them into useable strips,     and sorted into reds, oranges, yellows, greens, teals, blues, indigo-violets, whites, grey, blacks, and a pile of wacko - fabrics that don’t fit into any of the above.  

My sorting table looked something like this, with one group crashing into another.  But the realization of what to do with this scrappy hoard hit me.  How can I get these out of the way and still honor all the work I did to sort and organize.  

I found a 10-drawer rolling cart which slide-out drawers.  It is perfect for all the smaller bits.  The larger bits are folded and in two baskets, arranged so I can see everything at a glance.  

The Zoom workshop was lead by Carole Lyles Shaw.  Although she is a maximalist and my aesthetic tends  more towards Minimalism, I was able to work with her instructions and pattern by staying monochromatic.  These blocks are big, 26” x 21”. I started with orange because that’s where my stash is weakest.  Then I moved to black and white.  While I was sorting I realized I had a whole bunch of fabric with gold in them.  So that was my third block.  I’m not sure what I will do with these blocks, and I do intend to make more.  True confession: I realized I had a lot of browns and no drawer for them.  So they are at the bottom of the new scrap basket I’m starting!

Friday, September 18, 2020

A Completed Quilt


It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to say or write these words.  This bed-size quilt is almost a square and was tailor-made for grandson #4.  His bedroom is often too hot, so this quilt is as lightweight as I could get it.  There’s a blue Art Gallery backing, important because the feel is so smooth.  You can see the quilting is simple.  I tried my hand at outdoor photography - that I was able to throw this quilt around by myself is huge.  

Thanks to Holly, Melissa, and Sarah S for the 10 fat quarters that make up this quilt.  Thanks to non-quilty friend Cecilia who CUT THE FABRIC for the sashing and black shadows - back in the spring I could sew but couldn’t do any cutting or use scissors.  So I do take enormous pleasure is bringing this quilt to completion.  And of course credit to my physical therapists. It’s good and almost easy to work on a project when you are crazy about the recipient!

Saturday, September 12, 2020

19 Years after 9/11

So hard to believe that 9/11 was nineteen years ago.  

I still haven't gotten started on the notecards for each purse, but I do have a plan! 

And I have been working in the studio happily,  Having both hands and arms is huge!  I cleaned up from all the purses and started in on organizing and going through scraps. 

I'm quilting by machine a grandson's quilt, and it feels good to machine quilt.  He wants a light weight quilt.  So, Mountain Mist poly batt and an Art Gallery backing.  I love the texture of this quilt.  
My Chicago MQG is doing a charity quilt for QuiltCon 2021 based on Chicago music.  Below is my block.  Guess whose music I chose?  

Reorganizing and cleaning the studio after the 31 purses was productive.  And to further the carthasis, I started going through all my scraps - ironing, cutting most into 2.5" strips, sorting by color, and making one wacko pile.

 My scraps have scraps.  Some of my scraps are 20 years old.  Some of my scraps I look at and still love and remember exactly what I did with them.  Quilters are like that.  This final picture has things organized on a table, but that's not a great permanent storage place.  I'm doing a workshop in a week about scraps and improv quilting.  I will have a lot to choose from.  

The studio?  A happy and productive place.  And yes, I'm working on those notecards!