Wednesday, November 13, 2019

An Evening Companion

I'm not a pet person, but I understand how holding or stroking an animal is soothing.  For me that sort of soothing comes from my hand quilting.  That's what I discovered around the time of my parents' death.

In a way the same is true for a quilt.  When I hold a quilt for a couple of hours most evenings, of course I get attached to it.  And this one?  I love.  This top is made from the leftovers of my  shot cottons.  The backing is a very smooth muslin, one of the few fabrics I have to feel before I buy to make sure it has the right hand.

I've been using the wonderful variety of No. 8 Perle cottons on the color stripes - three rows per stripe. the white/lighter portions I'm running two lines of a silvery grey.  

I love how the stitching looks from the back.

My goal is to get this to my nephew Chris in Orlando before Christmas.   Because he and his family live there, I used a Mountain Mist poly batt, very light.  This quilt has a wonderful airy feel.

As I finished this quilt top last winter, I was glad to use of the last of my shot cottons, which do not play well with other quilting fabrics.  But as I have worked on stitching this quilt, I've realized one thing:  I need more shot cottons.
It's not a matter of want - it's NEED!

Today's work will be quilting this charming quilt.  It's not due until mid-January, but I fear things are heating up (two pregnant nieces, period purses, a guild project, a shhhh project, the holidays).  Besides, I really love this quilt!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Early November Quilting

Nikki's quilt top is finished.  I didn't get my proportions quite right, and this is huge.  But it's kind of like being too rich or too thin (so I hear):  a quilt cannot be too big.  This quilt top is going into @sparklesax 's long arm queue and will be ready for gifting by Christmas although this is not a Christmas present - it's more like a"you've graduated from college and are in your first year teaching and I'm really excited for your entry into adulthood!" present.

This quilt was a baby quilt made for young Liam Lee five years ago.  See the original post here.  His mother asked if I could make this quilt queen-sized.  Thanks to my measure once/cut twice way of working, this quilt is just full-size now.  But Liam's mom has assured me that he'll just be happy to have his quilt back. To attach something new to something that's been washed and loved for five years presents an issue.  I had to figure out the batting I used then and then match it.  Finally there was some deconstructing that had to happen.  And you know what?  I'm good!  After five years of use, I really had to struggle to get the original binding off.  This is another effort funded but Grandma Laurel!

I tend to not work cute. But omg is this cute or what?  Teaching friends have a daughter who married an Australian and now lives in Perth.  Kim is pregnant with her second child, a little boy.  Grandma Marge asked if I would do a baby quilt and maybe something with an animal.  Marge's request hit me just as I finished the two above big projects.  And I found a very clever Elizabeth Hartman pattern, available here or at her website.  Suddenly, these little bears were exactly what I needed to be working on.  Before going any further, the studio needs a bit of a dusting and cleaning and organizing.  Soon I hope to have these little guys in an actual quilt top.

It's snowing outside.  
Very cold and blustery.
Good studio day.