Monday, February 25, 2013

QuiltCon: What I made, bought, and scored

QuiltCon was such a great experience in so many ways.  Every lecture I heard was so interesting, and the exhibition of quilts was so beautiful and inspiring.  The variety of classes offered spanned every possible quilting interest.  I took one full-day class with Jacquie Gering of Tallgrass Prairie Studio. She's a founding member of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild, a current member of my Chicago Modern Quilt Guild, and an executive board member of the Modern Quilt Guild, the same board which successfully organized this first modern quilting conference.  Jacquie's class was on architecture-inspired patchwork.  I'm not finished with this piece but am pleased with what I have so far.  A lot of the fun of this class was seeing what others created during our short time together.  Jacquie is a teacher who commits herself fully to the creative process - I am amazed at her ability to think on her feet and problem solve.  The inspiration picture is one from my Columbus, IN brother.

  Wow.  So much to chose from.  These three Marcia Derse fabrics seem to fit in with the Asian direction my eye seems to be heading towards.  The little bundle of shot cottons caught my eye - at $20/yard this is not a casual purchase.  And despite vowing to not get another purse/bag pattern, I had to buy this one.  I won't even begin to list the things I did not buy, including an Oliso Iron.  I'm intrigued by it and used it all day in my workshop.  But I can't tell whether I really want it or whether I'm just having a case of iron envy.
There were some goody bags which contained a lot of advertising and a nice variety of freebies - some charm packets, some Aurifil thread (yippee), and some interesting bags/totes. In talking to the Kona representative who thought she knew me, I did confess that the one thing I was looking to purchase was a Kona sample card - and she gave me one. Nice! At Luana Rubin's lecture on Color Trends, I was one of 15 who won a doorprize - a fabulous packet of 25 fat-eighths. Luana is from, the place where I do most of my online fabric shopping and I think I'm a fitting recipient! I'm proud to be a modern quilter. The charitable focus of my local guild, of other guilds, and of the Modern Quilt Guild brings many to tears. There were 46 quilts created for the Austin, TX Children's Shelter. In meeting other guild officers, what we do for charity was at the forefront of our discussions. Are you wondering why I'm not posting what I saw? Every quilt exhibited at QuiltCon is worthy of priase, and others do such good photography. I'm sure I'll point you to some of these quilts in the days and weeks to come. Heather Grant did a wonderful presentation on the design fundamentals of Modern Quilting. These design elements include negative space, no borders, minimalism, graphic color palettes, improvisational piecing, (alternative) grid work, asymmetry, exaggerated scale, pixelization, modern traditionalism, and texture. Modern Quilters use these techniques - certainly not all of them at once - in various combinations. For me, texture and minimalism are at the top of my list. I had a chance to hear Yoshiko Jinzenji Friday - her work is stunning. I think I'll go to her two books, both of which I have, and try to center and prioritize my growing list of what I want to do first. ...from the quilt by Nancy Scott of Berne, IN - a large quilt using negative space

Friday, February 8, 2013

QuiltCon Linky Party

Going to QuiltCon in Austin, Texas from February 20th - 24th is terribly exciting for me.  This first modern quilting convention will have displays and vendors and quilters who will provide all the creative nourishment I could ever want.  Over 15 from the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild will be in Austin, and we are proud to have a charity quilt ready for the Austin Children's Shelter.  What fun it will be to see this quilt hung with the others.  Also, Erika Sews from our guild has a quilt which will be exhibited - Erika is also embroidering name tags with our Chicago logo!  That girl is clever.

 So for this Linky Party, here are 5 things you probably already know about me:

1.  I loved teaching high school English, but I love being retired even more.
2.  I'm overwhelmed by the whole modern quilt movement and the impact it is having on my work and my aesthetic.
3.  Involvement with the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild is yielding some of the best friends ever.
4.  No matter how much time I have to sew, it is never enough.  With recent parental issues and stepping up volunteering for , I'm having to be much more selective about what sewing I do.
5.  My husband and traveling with him make me happy.  In March we are going to Morocco. 

And here are 5 things you may not know:

1. After I taught in Chicago for two years, I backpacked around Europe for the entire 1973 summer.
2.  When my husband gave me the "being Miss Piggy at the banquet of life" lecture, I listened intently.  I traded my piano for some stained glass pieces and have never looked back. 
3.  I went to a small Christian liberal arts college in East Tennessee - Milligan College.  Every fall this native of Chicago gets homesick for the mountains.
4.  I had a short-lived career as DoJo the Clown when I was in my early 20's.  
5.  I'm old enough that I once had a stash of calicoes.  

I am constantly agog.  Even as recently as the seeing the winners of the Madrona Road challenge.   When I was cutting these fabrics for distribution at the guild meeting, I was thinking "ho-hum." But then I see these pieces and I'm all like , "OMG! These are fabulous!"  You know, that whole Gaaahhhhl-leeeeeee thing...  I feel like Gomer Pyle at each show and tell our guild has.  We have some quilters who just amaze and inspire me.  Yes, Emily Bruzzini and Emily Lang and Erika Sews and Jacquie Gering and the Sarahs and Jen and Beth and Eileen and Robbi and Rachel and Terri and Karen and Ebony and Sue and Melissa and - wait, this list could go on for a while.  I'm feeling like Miss Frances from Romper Room.  My point:  I'm looking forward to QuiltCon.