Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Attention Deficit Disorder Quilting

or What Exactly Have I Been Doing? I have various piles and quilts all over the studio. Really, it's getting bad. I have so many things I want to try and techniques I want to perfect. Of course I need to finish each one of these piles. But there's a great reason why each one is there. First is the reversible quilt. This quilt is just lovely - the borders were quilted and then added. Now it's waiting for the binding. But that's part of a workshop on November 18, so it must remain in its unfinished state.

Friend Laurel picked up this Double Wedding Ring quilt make entirely from feed sacks. Not only has it not been quilted, a couple of the blocks are fraying and need to be repaired. I've been avoiding this because this will be my first quilt with a scalloped binding, and I must use a bias binding. I can do this - just haven't.

Look at this fabulous set of fabrics. It's one of 4 fabric sheets I created for a jacket. Buddy Marge Hughes is making one of these jackets, too. Meanwhile, this sheet is leftover. It's going to make a lovely bargello wall hanging with its rich autumn colors. Since I don't know what fabrics I'll want to use in the border, this sheet and its accompanying pile must remain.

Here's a pile of hockey jerseys. A Westchester mom wants a quilt for her son's 18th birthday that will use all the hockey jerseys her son has had over the years. Unfortunately, this kids's birthday isn't until next June. I am motivated by deadlines, so this pile will be with me for quite a while.

And this is a pile of black jazz -shirts that will eventually be a queen-size bed quilt. What am I waiting for? I'll get to it...

This pile of fabrics is from the reversible placement kits that the Lawndale Quilters and I worked on. And this final picture is the scraps from Cecilia's bed quilt (still at the long-arm quilter's) and will eventually be some decorative pillows.

How lucky am I to have so many projects from which to choose to work on. And I didn't even include Rachel's Zen Dining Room Wall Hanging - that's also in a stage in completion. I'm a happy girl.

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