Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Just Plugging Away

Quilt design and the actual quilting are what I find most fun to do. The past 10 days have included neither one of these steps. What I have been working on are three death quilts - er, I mean life celebration quilts. I'm pleased with how these pieces are turning out. In addition to the quilt for her aunt, Bridgett Toma requested a boy quilt and a girl quilt from the leftovers. I'm glad to be a contributor to keeping the memory of Sheila and Bridgett's mother in the present, but it's sad knowing that these little grandkids will not know their maternal grandmother. I want to get these quilts completed so that I can return to the hockey jersey quilt, which truly is a joyous celebration of a young man's life.
What I'm really looking forward to working on is niece Jen Thompson's wedding quilt. She and Tim have chosen colors and a design. I'm beginning to put together Jen's palette. Soon I'll make a little design board to send to Jen to make sure I'm getting her colors right - a necessary part of the process. I'm looking forwared to this happy project!

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