Friday, June 13, 2008

The Isherwood Hockey Quilt - and a few other things

Michelle Isherwood is one cagy mom. She gave me her son Anthony's hockey jerseys almost a year ago in preparation for his 18th birthday this month. For some of the jerseys she bought duplicates so that her son wouldn't miss the jerseys she gave me. This quilt is 70" x 90" and - I think - very handsome. The border colors are his Montini HS school colors. Click on the quilt to see some of the details of Anthony's jerseys.

Michelle has a younger son Adam, and she's begun saving his t-shirts. I'm thankful her younger son isn't a hockey player. Hockey jerseys make for very heavy quilts. This quilt only took about 30 hours, but I couldn't work on it for much more than 2 hours at a time. This one will make the next t-shirt quilt seem like a snap.

Hard to believe it's Friday, June 13th. Lots of fun White celebrations are coming up - my mom's 80th, my dad's 83rd, my parents' 60th anniversary, Jen Thompson's shower, and Jen's wedding August 30. Currently there are 3 "life celebration" quilts in my studio. Niece's Molly's Housewarming quilt and Jen Thompson's wedding quilt are providing a nice balance to these 3 sad commissions.

A word about Jen's wedding quilt. She and Tim are having a hard time deciding on a color palate. There's a previous post with a stack of fabrics that are being considered. The answer is - and this is genius I must admit - a reversible quilt. Tim knows he wants blues, navy, and neutrals on one side. Jen wants greens, blues and neutrals for the other. I recently met Tim when my sister Paula and I went to Manhattan to see Jen in a dance gala (is she ever terrific!). I've wondered what kind of man could measure up to Jen. Tim is great - handsome, nice, smart, generous. Now I'm really psyched about their quilt!

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