Wednesday, August 13, 2008

John's Great-Niece Emma is a Quilter!

John's sister Terry has really been doing some fabulous quilt work. See the July 23, 2007, entry for one of Terry's quilts. Her enthusiasm for quilting is having an effect on all of her family members, especially at this point granddaughter Emma, an 8th grader. Em and her mom chose some fabulous flannel fabrics, Terry chose the pattern, and Emma really took to the rotary cutter and Terry's new Bernina sewing machine. Terry and Emma used my studio to tie the three layers of Emma's quilt. Then they went back to Terry's where Emma machine-quilted the outer border and the binding. The results are spectacular.

One of the joys of quilting is seeing others get hooked. Another of Terry's granddaughters was here with Terry and Emma. Cassidy took lots of pictures of my stash - hope maybe she left here thinking that she wants to try a quilt! (Meanwhile, I'm about to finish the reversible quilt for Jen Thompson!)


curt said...

Emma is an amazing kid and now she has made and amazing quilt! Thanks for turning her on to this art, Grandma!

curt said...

PS, this comment was posted from Istanbul!