Friday, October 17, 2008

Nature's Colors

We just returned from Hawaii where we celebrated our 59th and 69th birthdays. It is indeed a beautiful place. I love how nature mixes the brilliance of reds and purples. I also love my husband for agreeing to go ziplining with me.

I'm leaving town again for a drive to the Ozarks. Still gathering data for a fall landscape quilt. I'm also working on a project for an art quilt class that I'm taking at in Willowbrook. It's going to involve concentric circles and have an Asian flavor. I think. What I discovered yesterday is that I need to buy a protractor. I haven't bought or used one of those in 40 years! It's good to work out of one's safe zone...

1 comment:

Doug said...

Stunning colors!

Zip line looks a little painful, sorry John!