Thursday, February 12, 2009

My First Mixed-Media Piece

The Art Quilt class at has made me try things I normally wouldn't. The assignment for February was fabric paints. I bought some fabric metallic paint sticks over a year ago and kind of sort of played with them. But this time I actually got out the directions. The results were interesting. Once the paint/crayons were set with heat. I began to quilt the piece with free-motion stitching and metallic thread. Then I couched some yarns (thanks again, Chris H) and finally did some couching with gimping cord - that's the very fine reddish line. I like how this piece turned out and admit it was very improvised. It is in keeping with the first four art pieces from this class. What I could do with some planning kind of scares me! I'm glad to have these techniques in my repertoire.
11" x 14"
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