Friday, March 20, 2009

For Carolella and Stan

Carolella and Stan Trappe from Panama City, Florida, were part of the group we traveled with to India and Nepal. Carolella became a lifesave on this trip. Just as we got to Nepal, tragedy struck. I was standing at the window of our hotel room in Kathmandu, about to take a picture of the Himalayan foothills. I snapped, and nothing happened. Sniff sniff. My 8-year old Kodak digital camera died, and we still had 3 more days of travel. Here's where Carolella comes in. They travel with several cameras and loaned me one! The day we were leaving Nepal to head back to Delhi and the US, Carolella gave me a disk with the 177 photos I had taken in Nepal. SWEET! In exchange I suggested she get a t-shirt and let me turn it into a wall hanging. It just went in the mail today. A very fair trade.

And here's the embarrassing PS to this story: My memory card was full. I thought 512 MB meant I had 512 pictures to take. My camera registered that I had another 150 pictures left, which was obviously wrong. So, lesson learned is to travel with a spare memory card.
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