Monday, June 15, 2009

For Katherine - and Prince Charming

Sometimes you meet someone and something clicks. That happened with Katherine from Long Island - we met her on our Central Europe tour in 2005. This past weekend John and I went to NYC to see niece Jen Peters dance . This terrific weekend concluded by having Sunday morning breakfast with Katherine and her husband Tony, one of the greatest men ever. For Katherine I made a flat-bottomed purple shopping bag. (Next to it is another flat-bottomed bag which also has pockets on either side.)

Neither John nor I will ever forget our night with Tony and Katherine in a castle in Warsaw. Tony and Katherine were dancing, and John cut in. Tony and John then waltzed off. 2 men cut from the same cloth, both very charming with a great sense of humor. Now we'll also never forget our ride to LaGuardia with them after our breakfast!

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