Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Temple and From the Wall


Being in Asia will have an influence on my quilting. Two landscape quilts that are in my head involve this beautiful golden temple in Kyoto, Japan, and the Great Wall of China. This golden pavillion is the reason I went to Kyoto. Isn't it beautiful? This picture taken from the Great Wall was shot by my niece Jen.

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debbi d-w said...

Beautiful shots, Donna. I can see the quilts percolating from here! My daughter & I saw a beautiful Chinese Garden in Calif. on spring break at the Huntington Library in San Marino - if you're ever out there, don't miss it!

Josie Ray said...

Fantastic photos. I just saw on Wiki that the temple is covered in gold leaf. Rather amazing. Were you allowed to go any closer than across/on the water? Or was it considered sacred and off-limits?

Those curving rooflines...what grace and charm. And how unmistakably exotic.